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Outsourcing Software Development vs Having an In-House Team

Outsourcing Software Development vs Having an In-House Team


With the increasing demand for software development, many business owners ask the same question: “Should I gather an in-house tech team or outsource my software project?” If you’re one of them, consider this: a survey by Harvey Nash and KPMG found that 46% of CIOs prefer outsourcing to in-house digital teams, and 32% plan to increase outsourcing expenditures. Their primary goals are to reach expert skills and lower costs on their software projects.

And there’s a good reason for this trend. The software development process is more complex than it appears. First, there's a whole lot of organizing: building a team, managing the employees, and planning their work. Then, there are designing and coding, and don’t forget about quality assurance and the many, many checks you'll need to perform to make sure software works as it should. Sounds like a lot of work. Can you afford to manage all that?

In-House Development vs. Outsourcing

True, an in-house team has an undisputable benefit of being under your complete control. But before you get to enjoy this advantage, try employing an entire team of software developers (web, desktop, and mobile), designers, testers, and managers. And if you decide you also need a business analyst or an information security expert, the hiring nightmare starts over.

A software outsourcing vendor, on the other hand, has a talent pool of top-notch talent, and if someone is missing, they handle the whole hiring headache themselves. All you need to do is approve (or not) the hand-picked candidates.

Of course, there are risks to collaborating with an outsourcing vendor, like low-quality code and communication issues. But you won’t have to worry about them if you choose to partner with a reliable and experienced company. And when you do, you’ll avoid these drawbacks while gaining the advantages of an extensive expertise and lower costs.

Outsourcing software development allows you to focus on the strategic goals instead of constantly looking for skilled tech professionals and building workflows from scratch. With outsourcing, you also get seamless scalability as an added bonus. And if you choose a company with experience in support, you can rest assured the maintenance of your software is under control.

The question remains: how do you find a software outsourcing vendor like that. Allow us to toss our hat in the ring. Perhaps, Perfsol is the partner you've been looking for.
We'll be with you from the kick-off through every stage of your project:

  • defining the scope
  • designing the architecture
  • developing the solution
  • testing it
  • supporting your software after the release.

Our team will choose the best approaches, languages, tools, and APIs necessary for your software project, be it a desktop, web, or mobile application.

And there's no need to worry about team integration and onboarding. We have 20 years of combined experience in software engineering. We know how to become a part of your team, how to stay motivated, and how important proactive feedback is. We will go that extra mile to learn everything about your needs and desires, improve on the way, and deliver the best results we can.

So, if you’ve decided to give outsourcing a shot, contact us, and let’s discuss your idea.