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Case study


A startup from Copenhagen with a mission to make you feel great about your body and your weight loss goals through their app Twinbody.

The app performance was faltering and it needed a new level of excitement to spark users’ interest.
Business case
Twinbody weight loss community is a health and fitness app where you can connect with your weight doppelgangers and pursue the same fitness goals. In using the app, you join a bunch of friendly people who encourage you in your efforts to lead a healthier life.
PerfSol joined forces with Twinbody to give their app a makeover. With our two-prong strategy, we set out to improve the video playback performance and add the missing thrill factor. When we extended the functionality with the capabilities for creating photo collage and making videos, the users responded with enthusiasm, resulting in a 15% increase in raving reviews and a 5% rise in total downloads.
Services provided:
AndroidSoftware developmentHealth & Fitness