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Perfsol Fintech
Digitally-minded customers expect banks to innovate and offer relevant experience. As digitalization in banking is the only way forward, we help our partners make this transition easier.
Perfsol Healthcare
Fitness apps have always been in demand among users of all ages. Over the years, we have delivered a handful of apps, ranging from fitness trackers to dietary recommendations programs.
Perfsol VideoStreaming
Video Streaming
When it comes to streaming, quality and performance become paramount. We have a proven track record of successful video services that customers love and use.
Perfsol Horeca
The hospitality industry is as vital as ever. We aim at satisfying the most discerning users who demand the highest quality of services.
Perfsol SocialMedia
Social media
With social media becoming ubiquitous not only as a primary means of communication but also as powerful business leverage. In the last few years, we have built many social networking applications for our partners.
Perfsol UIUX
Seamless customer experience is an intrinsic part of our every product. We ideate,design from scratch, revamp, give a complete makeover, add finishing touches, all while innovating.

Perfsol Kickof
Kick off
  • Defining project scope
  • Providing estimates
  • Creating risk register
  • Determining success criteria
Perfsol Ideation
  • Challenging assumptions
  • Storyboarding
  • Synthesizing ideas
Perfsol Design
  • Building wireframes
  • Creating prototypes
  • Delivering final designs
Perfsol Development
  • Building and testing features
  • Releasing frequently
  • Iterating based on testing outcomes
Perfsol QA
  • Ensuring robust implementation
  • Controlling quality of the product
  • Validating features
Perfsol Support
  • Maintaining solutions
  • Handling incidents
  • Providing pay-as-you-go services

Case studies

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Global Distributed System integration
Global Distributed System integration
WebSoftware developmentTravelDiscovery phase
Perfsol designed architecture that conforms to Amadeus standards. For a traveller, the system allows searching by airports, cities and looking for round trip flights. For a business, the system is equipped with a smart price engine to configure commissions, discounts and sales programs.
Germany-wide telecommunication network application developement
Germany-wide telecommunication network application developement
Android TVTelecommunications
DNS:Net is a Germany-wide telecommunication network that, among other things, provides digital TV in HD quality
Outstaffing team for eCommerce investment service
Outstaffing team for eCommerce investment service
For eCommerce businesses, getting funding isn’t a challenge anymore with MXNEY — a convenient all-in-one Investment platform.
Optimizing perfsormance of SaaS platfrom
Optimizing perfsormance of SaaS platfrom
Technical consultingQuality assuranceSoftware development
Organizing a do can be such a hassle nowadays. Not only do you need to rack your brain to make sitting arrangements but also have to take into consideration dietary needs and restrictions of the guests. A business that places great importance on the customer’s needs has to have a system in place to guarantee impeccable service.
From idea to Taxi app in a few months
From idea to Taxi app in a few months
TravelNavigationIOSAndroidMobile development
Inspired by our Canadian customer’s vision to build the first carbon neutral taxi app, we went on to develop and design a customer journey for the best ride. The app lets a passenger choose an environmentally friendly vehicle, review the taxi fare, select the most convenient route, and pay by Visa or Mastercard. This app in on par with other Ube-like solutions.
Enhancing an Email Automation Module for Transformify
Enhancing an Email Automation Module for Transformify
Transformify is a SaaS company offering an end-to-end workforce management solution to thousands of users worldwide. Designed to empower midsize businesses and enterprises, it helps them seamlessly and compliantly find, hire, and manage human resources.

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In 2018, when we established Perfsol, we set about building bespoke solutions for our partners. Having nearly twenty years of combined experience in software engineering, we know how to deliver results.
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Perfsol About Article
Walter Benzing
CTO, minick GmbH
Perfsol About Article
Their developer was quickly integrated into the team, worked independently, and was self-reliant. Integration was effective, allowing them to complete the work and satisfy the client.
Perfsol About Article
Training Solutions Firm
Perfsol About Article
Perfsol’s efforts have been met with positive acclaim. The team is proactive and communicative to a fault. Customers can expect an efficient team that ramps up to speed on expectations quickly.
Perfsol About Article
Abed Nehme
Technical Product Manager,serVme
Perfsol About Article
Perfsol has delivered solid work at a cost-effective rate. They’ve shown to be diligent in improving their processes. They’ve even offered consulting on best practice. They’ll continue to be a partner that the client can rely on.

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