Discovery Phase Consulting by Perfsol

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Discovery Phase Consulting by Perfsol

While starting, most businesses do not precisely understand their audience's needs or wants. An initial business idea might be difficult to turn into a business model while also considering potential pitfalls and ensuring successful monetization. This is why it is vital to conduct a proper discovery phase consulting. Thankfully, our discovery phase analysts can help you with this crucial process.

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Discovery Phase Consulting by Perfsol

Discovery Phase Consulting Services by Perfsol

The basic goal of a discovery phase consulting is to minimize all uncertainties that come with starting the project. In other words, discovery phase consulting defines objectives and creates the groundwork on top of which the project will be done. After going through the discovery phase consulting process, your team will be able to work towards a fully fleshed-out goal instead of blindly implementing features and designs.

Business Analysis Services

Our business analysts will be happy to provide you with their expertise during discovery phase consulting. They will thoroughly examine all aspects of the potential project and give their assessment.

Product vision development

One of the main features of discovery phase consulting is product vision development. Even before the project starts, you know exactly where to take your product.

Proof of Concept (PoC) Development

As part of the discovery phase consulting we also offer the development of a Proof of Concept (PoC). This is suitable for projects that have a revolutionary idea and want to have practical proof that it can be implemented with a minimum budget.

Market Research Services

Thorough market and competitor analysis is another important part of discovery phase consulting. It will enable us to study the current state of affairs and best practices for further use in your product.

Prototype Development

During the discovery phase consulting, a prototype may be developed. Get a full-fledged application with basic functionality at limited costs.

Preparation of technical documentation

Our specialists will prepare all the necessary technical documentation. This concerns both the technical specifications and the manuals for future users.

Discovery Phase: How We Work?

A Discovery phase focuses its attention on carefully crafting your concept and limiting uncertainties. Here is the roadmap for discovery phase consulting, that Perfsol follows:

  • Make Rough Estimates
    Make Rough Estimates
    • Define problem
    • Estimate needed time and resources
    • Compose a team
  • Research end-users
    Research end-users
    • Meet with market analysts
    • Research target audience
    • Define the end-user's needs
  • Identify challenges
    Identify challenges
    • Determine potential roadblocks
    • Plan ahead for issues
    • Analyze risks
  • Set requirements
    Set requirements
    • Determine the technology stack
    • Outline architecture and feature list
    • Organize requirements
  • Create technical vision
    Create technical vision
    • Finalize concept
    • Design UI/UX
    • Shape the specifications list
  • Create basic wireframes
    Create basic wireframes
    • Create the UI layout and the UX flow
    • Check for testability
    • Validate the wireframes

Why Let Perfsol Do Discovery Phase Consulting?

Our discovery phase consulting services aim to give you the most exact estimations and minimize risks that come with starting a project. Check out our case studies and see what we mean:


Minimize Risks

We conduct discovery phase consulting first and foremost to minimize risks related to planning, budgeting issues, and roadmap organization. With our discovery phase consulting services, you will hit the least amount of roadblocks, mismanage less, and only pay what you need.


Set Clear Objectives

By modeling the product before beginning work, you can ensure smooth management and set clearly defined objectives and manage your expectations. This is the key factor to further building your project and making further plans. Good outcomes are heavily dependent on clearly defined milestones.


Save Costs

A project that is well-managed and clearly envisioned from the start is bound to cost times less, than one with an unsettled and unstable plan structure. Our firm helps you manage your plans and oversee spending so your budget stays predictable and bound.


Deeply Analyze the Market

Our consultans dive into a project with an understanding that the industry market has a large influence over its outcomes. This is why before the development process even begins, we look for a target audience, analyze the market tendencies and even try to see what our competitors are up to.


Clear Up Requirements

Our discovery phase consulting team set up a document with clearly outlined requirements for the project. These include the technology stack, general architecture outline, system specification, and design language. This makes it easy for you to see what your team is missing and adapt to your environment.


Validate Ideas

Sometimes it is worth asking — is my product idea even viable? Will it find its place under the sun? We are here to help you answer this question and adapt your idea to real market conditions. This way, you can rest easy, knowing your idea will not go under the user’s radar once it is released.

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  • What happens in the discovery phase of the project?

    The Discovery phase is the very beginning of the project, where you come up with your idea and we analyze it and propose options for implementation within the discovery phase consulting services.
  • What is the discovery phase of design?

    During the discovery phase consulting, you can also decide on the design of the application. This allows you to pre-define the look and feel of the interaction logic of the elements in the application.
  • Why is a discovery phase essential for project success?

    Proper discovery phase consulting involves a thorough analysis of your needs, target audience, goals, etc. With its help, you can plan the whole further course of the project to get a working product at the end within the budget.

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