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.NET Development by Perfsol


.NET Development by Perfsol

.Net framework was released my Microsoft in 2022 and has seen a global success among developers. Being at the forefront of innovations, Perfsol utilizes the .NET framework for building a wide range of tailor-made, scalable software solutions. Talk to our experts to get a platform that will streamline your business operations and improve customer satisfaction. Let’s get in touch!

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.NET Development by Perfsol

Our NET Development Services

At Perfsol, we stand out as a leading offshore software development company by offering comprehensive development services. Our commitment to high standards is reflected in our turnkey solutions, where every critical aspect of software creation is meticulously handled. From design to deployment, our approach ensures a seamless and efficient process, making us a distinguished choice in offshore software development.

.NET Development Consulting

Our consultancy services are designed to help you understand your needs and navigate the complexities of .NET solutions. We provide expert guidance to ensure your project's success from paper to post-launch.

Custom .NET Application Development

We understand that each business requires individual approach. Our custom .NET application development is centered around creating fast and reliable software that fits your unique business requirements.

.NET API Development and Integration

Our team excels in developing and integrating APIs using the .NET framework, facilitating seamless communication between different software systems and enhancing functionality.

Support and Maintenance

Our relationship with clients extends beyond development. We provide comprehensive support and maintenance services for .NET applications, ensuring they remain relevant, efficient, and up-to-date.

Choose The Best .NET Development Specialists for Hiring

Selecting the right talent is at the forefront of the success of your .NET projects. At Perfsol, we bring together the best in the industry – specialists who not only understand the technicalities of .NET inside out but also possess the strategic insight to apply it effectively. With our vast experience and a track record of successful projects, Perfsol specialists are the ideal choice for businesses looking to harness the full potential of .NET technology.

  • .Net Developer

    A highly skilled .NET C# developer with 5+ years of experience, including experience as a team leader and the ability to build excellent relationships with colleagues and clients. I have practical knowledge of algorithms, experience in designing and implementing different architecture web systems based on .Net Framework and .Net Core, designing and developing databases, and deploying and managing apps with Azure.



  • Yurii M.

    .Net Developer

    I have 6 years of experience developing business applications with different web technologies. During this time, I have worked as a Full Stack .Net developer, solving different issues both on the client and server sides. I have used both .Net Framework and .Net Core, Azure services, relational databases (Microsoft SQL Server) on the server side, and Angular7 AngularJs on the client side. A few years ago, I decided to focus more on cloud technology and learning how to implement applications there most efficiently. The latest project helped me improve my skills in writing reliable decentralized applications and how to use one of the cloud providers efficiently for its development and maintenance. I am open-minded and goal-oriented. I have an active teamwork attitude, excellent interpersonal and communication skills, and quick learning ability.



  • About Us

    We are Perfsol – a vetted team of tech enthusiasts working on helping businesses yield results with robust digital solutions. Our team is bringing technical excellence, creative solutions, and individual approaches to the table – all that allow us to deliver full-cycle software development tailored to the specific needs of each business.
    Our path started in 2018 and since that time we never cease learning and growing. Our ethos is rooted in passion and a drive for innovation. Each project we take is an opportunity to push the boundaries of technology and deliver exceptional results. Our customers say we’re a tech partner to rely on, and we work relentlessly to live up to that description.

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    Walter Benzing

    CTO, minick GmbH

    Perfsol Testimonial

    Their developer was quickly integrated into the team, worked independently, and was self-reliant. Integration was effective, allowing them to complete the work and satisfy the client.

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    Shahar Mintz

    Director of Web Engineering,

    Perfsol Testimonial

    Delivering multiple web technologies, Perfsol is a consistent and dependable partner. Their communication stands out as excellent compared to outsourced competitors, interacting over Slack and Jira.

    Perfsol starsPerfsol starsPerfsol starsPerfsol starsPerfsol stars
    Christian Madsen

    Head Of Technology, MXNEY

    Perfsol Testimonial

    The client's development scalability and speed have increased thanks to Perfsol's quality work. Their commitment to understanding the business needs has been key to reaching the expected goals.

    Perfsol starsPerfsol starsPerfsol starsPerfsol starsPerfsol stars

    Why choose us

    When it comes to .NET development, Perfsol stands out as an exceptional choice for a variety of reasons. This section highlights what makes us a quality NET development service providers to clients across countries and industries.


    Vast experience

    With years of experience under our belt, we bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to every .NET project. Our diverse portfolio spans various industries, enabling us to apply best practices and insights for your unique challenges.


    Full-cycle development

    Our services encompass the entire development cycle – from ideation to development, deployment, and post-launch support. This approach helps us ensure consistency and quality throughout your project lifecycle.


    Different cooperation models

    Pick among various cooperation models to suit different needs and scales. Whether you’re looking to outsource the entire NET development cycle or require flexible staffing models, we fit your needs.


    Security and Regulatory Compliance

    In a time when digital security and compliance key business concerns, we prioritize these aspects in all our solutions. Perfsol team adheres to robust security standards and regulatory requirements to safeguard your data.


    Agile Approach

    We break a complex software development into smaller, manageable units for more effective planning, development, and testing. This approach allows us to be responsive to changes and incorporate feedback rapidly, ensuring that the final product is what you’ve opted for.


    Proficiency with Microservices

    We specialize in the implementation of microservices architecture, which is ideal for complex, large-scale .NET projects. This is how we excel in crafting software that is highly scalable, maintainable, and adaptable to changes.

    Lifecycle of .NET Development with Perfsol

    Discover the expertise of Perfsol, a premier net development company. Perfsol delivers dot net applications that exceed expectations, empowering your business for success in today's competitive landscape. Our seasoned team guides you through every stage of crafting robust dot net applications, from conceptualization to deployment. Leveraging ASP.NET frameworks, we ensure seamless development and delivery of tailored solutions to meet your business needs with precision and efficiency.

    • 01
      Kick off
      • Defining project scope
      • Estimate needed resources
      • Determine success criteria
    • 02
      • Challenging assumptions
      • Start storyboarding
      • Synthesize initial ideas
    • 03
      • Build wireframes
      • Create prototypes
      • Deliver final designs for approval
    • 04
      • Start building product
      • Test features
      • Iterate on test results
    • 05
      • Design and conduct tests
      • Fix bugs
      • Ensure security, performance, and usability
    • 06
      • Provide long-term maintenance
      • Handle incidents
      • Provide updates


    • Is .NET Cross-Platform?

      Absolutely. .NET is designed to be cross-platform, enabling developers to create applications that run seamlessly across Windows, macOS, and Linux environments. At Perfsol, our expert team leverages the power of dot net to build versatile solutions tailored to your needs.

    • Which Programming Languages Can be Used With .NET?

      At Perfsol, we support a variety of programming languages within the .NET ecosystem, including C#, F#, and Visual Basic. Whether you're looking to develop a web application using ASP.NET or a desktop application, our skilled developers have the expertise to bring your vision to life.

    • How to Develop .NET Application?

      Partnering with Perfsol means accessing top-tier expertise in .NET application development. From initial concept to deployment, our team utilizes industry-leading tools like Visual Studio and frameworks like ASP.NET to streamline the development process, ensuring efficient and high-quality results for your project.

    • What Types of Cloud Platforms do .NET Development Services Cover?

      Perfsol offers comprehensive .NET development services that extend to leading cloud platforms such as Microsoft Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud Platform. With our expertise, your dot net application can harness the scalability and reliability of these platforms, ensuring optimal performance and accessibility for your users.

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