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Custom Mobile App Development Company Perfsol

Mobile has proven to be one of the most powerful platforms for business communication in any domain. Perfsol’s custom mobile app development team is ready to help you grow by hand-crafting the exact app you need. Utilizing our vast experience in custom mobile app development, employing cutting-edge technology, and taking into account your commercial incentives, we make mobile solutions that genuinely thrive with your audience.

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Custom Mobile App Development Services by Perfsol
We offer turnkey custom mobile app development services. With us, you can completely forget about all the hassle of creating a cutting-edge solution.
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IT consulting

The initial phase of any custom mobile app development. Simply tell us your idea and we will engage all our analytical powers to find the best way to bring it to life.

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Mobile Application Design

During custom mobile application development it is crucial to consider the application look and the logic of screen layouts. Our professionals will make sure that your custom mobile app is easy on the eye and intuitive to use.

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Mobile Application Development

Application code writing. Here the basic magic of custom mobile app development is done. Our experts make plans a reality for Android devices and iPhones on iOS.

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Integration and implementation

Once the main part of custom mobile app development is ready, we move on to solution implementation. Integration is implemented with minimal cost to your business processes.

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Training and support

At the final stage of custom mobile application development, we will teach your employees how to use and administer the application using all the developed functionalities. In addition, we also guarantee long-term support.

Custom mobile app development stages by Perfsol
Our custom mobile app developers work through a careful plan to ensure no part of the project goes neglected. This is what our custom mobile app development process looks like:
Kick off-Perfsol
Kick off
  • Defining project scope
  • Estimate needed resources
  • Determine success criteria
  • Challenging assumptions
  • Start storyboarding
  • Synthesize initial ideas
  • Build wireframes
  • Create prototypes
  • Deliver final designs for approval
  • Start building product
  • Test features
  • Iterate on test results
  • Design and conduct tests
  • Fix bugs
  • Ensure security, performance, and usability
  • Provide long-term maintenance
  • Handle incidents
  • Provide updates

Custom Mobile Applications We Develop
We consider ourselves proficient at many skills and ready for any task you could offer. We can do anything from a small game app to an innovative large-scale solution. Here are the types of custom mobile app development requests we get most often:
In the modern age, any company needs a proper app to communicate with its clients. We use a clean design philosophy that makes it easy for you to offer your services — whatever they might be.
We use our extensive toolset to solve any of the issues so common in streaming apps. We make streaming high loads of data smooth and work to minimize any delay in your content.
This kind of custom mobile app is prevalent and for a good reason. People like using them. We have worked with social media extensively and know how to make it work well for you.
Fitness mobile apps require a great deal of hardware integration. They need to be precise and secure. Having a great one will benefit your business goals and keep users happy.

About us
In 2018, when we established Perfsol we set about building bespoke solutions for our partners. Having nearly twenty years of combined experience in software engineering we know how to deliver results
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Walter Benzing
CTO, minick GmbH
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Their developer was quickly integrated into the team, worked independently, and was self-reliant. Integration was effective, allowing them to complete the work and satisfy the client.
Training Solutions Firm
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Perfsol About Article
Perfsol's efforts have been met with positive acclaim. The team is proactive and communicative to a fault. Customers can expect an efficient team that ramps up to speed on expectations quickly.
Abed Nehme
Technical Product Manager,serVme
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Perfsol About Article
Perfsol has delivered solid work at a cost-effective rate. They’ve shown to be diligent in improving their processes. They’ve even offered consulting on best practice. They’ll continue to be a partner that the client can rely on.
Advantages of Developing Custom Mobile App With Perfsol
Perfsol offers custom mobile app development services on the highest of levels. Keeping up with progress, we provide state-of-the-art solutions that help your business thrive. Here’s why we are the right choice for you:
Careful analysis
We always strive to gain important insights about the custom mobile app development project first instead of jumping in blindly. A thorough analysis of the project, its expected results, the target audience, and market conditions always precedes the beginning of our work.
Cross-platform development
Thanks to the technologies we have mastered, we can save significant costs for you by custom mobile app development on a multi-platform basis. With Perfsol, there are no separate iOS or Android teams - it is all a part of one product.
Simplicity of communication
We take much pride in the openness of our projects and the closeness with which we approach our partners. No significant changes to the process or major decisions about our goals will be made without your validation. Our clients are not to be left in the dark.
Full-cycle development
Perfsol strives to be a one-stop-shop for any of your projects. We want to ensure your custom mobile app development project gets a proper treatment from start to finish without having to go through freelance designers, outsourced SEO engineers, or separate QA firms.
Diligence and attention to detail
We make our custom mobile apps to be usable, sleek, and complete. Our straightforward custom mobile app development process, in combination with a professional team with decades of collective experience, makes for excellent results with zero downtime.
Long-term Maintenance
They say no work of art is ever finished - and we agree. Way after the initial custom mobile app development process is finished and the application is released, we are ready to help you take care of any updates or issues that may arise.

Custom Mobile App Projects developed by Perfsol

The measure of quality in custom mobile app development is the feedback of real customers who have already assessed our professionalism. To better understand the specifics of working with us, take a moment with these reviews.
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Global Distributed System integration
Global Distributed System integration
WebSoftware developmentTravelDiscovery phase
Perfsol designed architecture that conforms to Amadeus standards. For a traveller, the system allows searching by airports, cities and looking for round trip flights. For a business, the system is equipped with a smart price engine to configure commissions, discounts and sales programs.
Germany-wide telecommunication network application developement
Germany-wide telecommunication network application developement
Android TVTelecommunications
DNS:Net is a Germany-wide telecommunication network that, among other things, provides digital TV in HD quality
Outstaffing team for eCommerce investment service
Outstaffing team for eCommerce investment service
For eCommerce businesses, getting funding isn’t a challenge anymore with MXNEY — a convenient all-in-one Investment platform.
Optimizing perfsormance of SaaS platfrom
Optimizing perfsormance of SaaS platfrom
Technical consultingQuality assuranceSoftware development
Organizing a do can be such a hassle nowadays. Not only do you need to rack your brain to make sitting arrangements but also have to take into consideration dietary needs and restrictions of the guests. A business that places great importance on the customer’s needs has to have a system in place to guarantee impeccable service.
From idea to Taxi app in a few months
From idea to Taxi app in a few months
TravelNavigationIOSAndroidMobile development
Inspired by our Canadian customer’s vision to build the first carbon neutral taxi app, we went on to develop and design a customer journey for the best ride. The app lets a passenger choose an environmentally friendly vehicle, review the taxi fare, select the most convenient route, and pay by Visa or Mastercard. This app in on par with other Ube-like solutions.
Enhancing an Email Automation Module for Transformify
Enhancing an Email Automation Module for Transformify
Transformify is a SaaS company offering an end-to-end workforce management solution to thousands of users worldwide. Designed to empower midsize businesses and enterprises, it helps them seamlessly and compliantly find, hire, and manage human resources.


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