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AI LegalTech: Optimising Legal Work Efficiency

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AI LegalTech: Optimising Legal Work Efficiency

Perfsol's AI-based legal solution is your ultimate ally in optimizing legal work efficiency. Connect with cutting-edge technology that streamlines processes and enhances productivity in legal operations.

AI LegalTech: Optimising Legal Work Efficiency
  • About the company

    A unique AI-based solution aimed at enhancing legal work efficiency with a smart approach to using legal products. It helps optimize time- and resource-consuming tasks such as documentation analysis, research, and contact creation.

  • About the product

    With this AI product, you can forget about boring and confusing reviews of large volumes of unstructured documents. This software ensures fast, automated, and error-free implementation of routine tasks, helping you focus on strategic tasks and innovative ideas. It is built in compliance with GDPR, ensuring that all your personal information and other sensitive data are fully protected.

  • Challenge

    Implementing Unit Tests:
    Due to the absence of a reliable testing infrastructure, the software was vulnerable to bugs and regressions. As a result, we needed to create a complex system to check particular components and functions.

    Implementing End-to-End (E2E) Tests:
    E2E tests are aimed at checking the behavior of the whole system. They are crucial for avoiding potential problems with usability and covering the most crucial functionality.

    Adding Filtering, Searching, Editing, and Customization Features:
    The main goal of this task was to boost user experience and increase loyalty by providing users with more control over their data

  • Solution

    We used VueJS as the main framework because it’s scalable and provides excellent support for testing. We built unit tests with at least 80% coverage using Vitest, which provided concise and valid results. Additionally, we employed Cypress to develop E2E tests covering the core functionality.
    As a result, we helped identify issues at the early development stages, preventing the appearance of potential bugs and laying a strong basis for the smooth performance of the final product.

  • Document analysis

    AI platform allows you to quickly review large volumes of unstructured documents. Using artificial intelligence for routine tasks allows you to focus on the important aspects of your work, such as strategic decision-making and developing creative solutions.

    Document analysis
  • Services provided

    Software development

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