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UserTesting AI with Enhanced User Experience

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UserTesting AI with Enhanced User Experience

AI-enhanced solution revolutionizes user testing and elevates user experience. Streamline testing processes, automate tests, and optimize reliability with our cutting-edge technology.

UserTesting AI with Enhanced User Experience
  • About the company

    The ground-breaking AI-based solution is built to provide quick, user-based testing of the apps.

  • About the product

    The app analyzes sessions of real users in your environment. The system tracks how users interact with the application, their behavior, and how your software responds to it. Based on this, the system learns and creates automated tests—it connects to the browser, creates a username and password, and generates a test. This way, you can save time on manual testing and get even more reliable results.

  • Challenge

    Our main task was implementing web app features to enhance the overall user experience with an AI platform. Better accessibility, intuitive navigation, and performance optimization were prioritized. It was necessary to build a convenient solution for viewing AI-generated videos and switching between projects.

  • Solution

    We created viewing pages specifically for large AI-generated videos in response to the challenge. We ensured efficient loading even for high-resolution content, so the viewing experience is great regardless of file size. Moreover, we created a user-friendly, intuitive interface optimized for different devices and screen sizes. It significantly enhanced the flow of switching between projects and generated tests. As a result, working with the platform became clearer, and the loyalty of the end-users increased.

  • Tech stack

    React.js, Typescript, MUI, Redux toolkit query, Emotion

  • Generate E2E tests with a single click

    To generate tests, simply choose an auto-detected flow – or write your own test flow using natural language Single-click test generation Tests written in Playwright or Cypress Integrated via PRs directly to Github

    Generate E2E tests with a single click
  • Services provided

    Web development

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