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Ammurapi: Lawyer application development

Case study

Ammurapi: Lawyer application development

Imagine you have a law-related issue. Who will you ask for help? Ammurapi is offering access to hundreds of lawyers via its mobile app.

Ammurapi: Lawyer application development
  • About the project

    In the app Ammurapi, you may look up the best lawyers in your location and throughout the nation. Users can raise a query and get legal advice and help from the best lawyers Ammurapi will also serve as Kaanoon's legal dictionary. This program not only helps users find advocates and legal aid, but it also offers a lucrative marketing platform for lawyers.

  • Challenge

    When we started working with our client, we had to learn the right to left development in mobile design to provide truly seamless customer experience for the Middle East countries. Also, we needed to ensure data security and confidentiality. We also had to add multi-language support.

  • Business case

    Firstly, with the clients, we researched potential customers to identify their wants and difficulties in choosing a lawyer to determine how to create the best product with comfortable functionality. Hearing all these tales of searching for, selecting, or dumping the wrong lawyer was an exhilarating experience. That is why Ammurapi was designed and developed to connect user with the right type of a lawyer instantly and anywhere.

  • Lawyer’s profile

    In the lawyer's profile, you can see detailed information about him, such as work experience, e-mail, photo, competencies, score on the site, etc.

    Lawyer’s profile
  • Find a lawyer

    Depending upon users’ preferences in rate, location, etc., the app facilitates finding the right lawyer.

    Find a lawyer
  • Case description

    The lawyer or his/her assistant can review the info summary and accept or reject a case.

    Case description
  • Admin panel

    The admin panel leads you to different operations, such as visiting your home page, checking the wallet, looking at history, and settings, inviting friends, etc.

    Admin panel
  • Solution

    We built iOS, Android and client applications in eight months. Clients submit details of their case and the system connects them with the lawyers in the vicinity. We integrated Google Maps to make this search easier. When the system finds a match, it assigns the case to the lawyer. For better results, we used Scrum to iterate and demo progress on a regular basis.

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