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Camugo: Video Streaming App For Coaches

Case study

Camugo: Video Streaming App For Coaches

Video production completely automatically in any sport with immediate processing without human intervention.

Camugo: Video Streaming App For Coaches
  • About the project

    Camugo is a video streaming service with a rich feature set for coaches and sports analysts. It is capable of processing images from multiple cameras, highlighting important moments, and making notes during the game. The client turned to us knowing that Perfsol has extensive experience in creating video streaming services.

  • Challenge

    Everything started when the client came to Perfsol with the idea of a video streaming application for sports events. Out of all the possible candidates the customer chose Perfsol as the technology partner. The reason was our extensive experience and deep expertise in this niche. During the project, we needed to create an application that would not only allow watching the matches in real-time but also edit them so that later it would be possible to analyze the material from several cameras in high quality.
    Specifically, we needed to implement the following functionality:

    • Live stream;
    • TV graphics;
    • Commentary sound;
    • Commercials;
    • Video Assistant Referee (VAR);
    • Visual illustration on site;
    • Video marking and analysis;
    • Custom developments.

    In addition, we needed to implement live video adaptive playback, video editing, drawing on top of the video, as well as ExoPlayer customization. These features play a special role, as they go beyond the usual streaming platforms.

  • Business case

    So, the client came to us to help him with a video playback app for his project. The first thing we did was analyze his idea and requirements. After drawing a rough project plan and confirming all the deadlines, we got to work. First of all our experts worked on the UI/UX design, as a video-streaming app had to look and feel comfortable and pleasant in the first place.
    Then we started writing the code for the project, both the frontend and backend parts. It was a non-trivial task for our experts to integrate a number of desirable features, but we managed to do that as well. After the final touches and polishing, we released the app.

    In the course of the project, we used the following technologies:

    • Android TV;
    • Amazon Fire TV;
    • Kotlin;
    • ExoPlayer.
  • Automatically video production

    With advanced AI technology, we made it possible to capture every movement made by athletes from an array of customizable camera angles.

    Automatically video production
  • Functions

    Check out the functions our developers have implemented in the customer application.

  • Easy to use mobile version

    The Cura app enables you to record the whole venue in 8K resolution.

    Easy to use mobile version
  • Partners and clients

    Automatic filming and broadcasting platform for the Hungarian Basketball Federation.

    Partners and clients
  • Tech support

    Multiple camera angles? Multiple courts? Other needs? The built-in technical support option will come in handy.

    Tech support
  • Solution

    To summarize. In the end, Perfsol has once again succeeded in creating a great app that left the client satisfied with the work done. Our specialists are true masters of video streaming app development and even the presence of non-standard tasks or rare features is not an obstacle for us. We currently support the application by adding new features to it.

    It should be noted that the client was delighted with our cooperation. In confirmation of this, we can say that the owner of the application came to us again after one year to continue working on his app when he had more happy users.

    Among the distinguishing features of the app are:

    • The ability to display all available digital information. Scenes detected by the Camugo system and marked by incoming data can be automatically summarized after a match.
    • The ability to instantly change camera angles from multiple cameras on site with frame-accurate synchronization. With the well-known finger gestures, the user can move back and forth in the shots and control the zooming into the scenes.
    • Tool to view the team's performance and moments that need to be improved from several camera angles. Users can also perform game analysis during live coverage using a built-in drawing tool.
    • Ability to send the image to a larger display or even to an LED wall screen.
    • With pre-defined "events" in the control room, the user can mark the scenes during the event or training.

    We are currently maintaining Camugo and are constantly adding new features.

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