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DesktopHero 3D: Design of an app for modeling unique 3D characters

Case study

DesktopHero 3D: Design of an app for modeling unique 3D characters

We designed a landing page from the ground up, reimagined the miniatures constructor user interface, making it not only more user friendly but also responsive on tablet and mobile devices.

DesktopHero 3D: Design of an app for modeling unique 3D characters
  • About the project

    DesktopHero 3D is a web app that helps you create exclusive 3D characters. Users can choose their appearance, clothing, armor, and weapons. The finished model can be downloaded and printed on a 3D printer. The client wanted to update the design of the web solution: bring it in line with the specifics of the game, make it convenient, intuitive, and accessible on various devices.

    The client contacted us due to the positive feedback about the company and our rich experience in design. We listened to the client's vision and started working on the project, considering their ideas.

  • Challenge

    The client wanted to create a web app design that would allow users to immerse in the magical world of heroic warriors from the first seconds. Another task was ensuring the maximum involvement of users in the app. Given our experience, we knew that design alone would not be enough. After discussing ways to achieve the client's goals, we decided to develop the concept of a landing page for the mobile and desktop versions of the solution.

    The main difficulty of working on the project was that the app contained many other features besides creating a character. For example, adding the model to the cart, choosing the order parameters, and payment. When working on the design of the user interface, it was necessary to provide convenient interaction with each element: buttons, icons, etc.

  • Business Case

    Before starting the project, we had to determine the pool of main tasks. Here are the main ones:

    • Design development for the 3D model constructor, considering the peculiarities of the gaming industry and specific user experience.
    • Ensuring adaptability of the design to the technical conditions of different devices.
    • Creation of the landing page concept.

    All work related to both mobile and desktop versions of the app.

    When the list of tasks was approved, we proceeded to work. The team consisted of Perfsol’s best designers and a project manager who accompanied the client throughout the cooperation.

    We began with a deep technological and business analysis. Having decided on the optimal tech stack and studied the client’s company and the competitor’s market, our team began implementing the idea.

  • Character customization

    DesktopHero is the next chapter in miniature customization. Create heroes and monsters with unparalleled freedom!

    Character customization
  • Library of models

    We designed a completely new library of customizable models. Compared to existing solutions, it’s more lightweight and easier to use.

    Library of models
  • Easy to use mobile version

    Easily design your 3D characters - choosing gender, clothing, pose, and weaponry, all on your smartphone.

    Easy to use mobile version
  • Solution

    The result of Perfsol’s work exceeded customer expectations:

    • The app’s design inherited the best traditions of computer games, and at the same time, it was unique and memorable.
    • Analysis of the DesktopHero 3D audience showed that the app is equally popular among PC and mobile users, confirming the excellent adaptability of the developed design.
    • The client approved the concept of the landing page and plans to add it to the resource in the near future.

    Now the beta version of the DesktopHero 3D app is available to users. It means that work on the product continues, including an ongoing collaboration with Perfsol.

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