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Transformify: Multi-Functional Workforce Management Tool

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Transformify: Multi-Functional Workforce Management Tool

Seamlessly automate the onboarding, billing and payments to thousands of vendors, affiliates, workforce on-demand and freelancers.

Transformify: Multi-Functional Workforce Management Tool

How it works

Workforce Management: Manage and pay mobile workers, remote teams, experts, consultants, lecturers and freelancers from a single dashboard. Transformify will take care of self-billing and payments in any currency across the globe.

  • About the project

    The most expressive sign of the coming era is the rapid increase in the processes of world globalization. The attitude to this phenomenon among representatives of various population groups from different countries and regions of the planet is ambiguous. We can safely say that at this stage there is a huge interest in the phenomenon of globalization and at the same time there is not yet a deep understanding of its essence, full awareness of its positive and negative features. Moreover, the question of management of the globalized economy is particularly acute. That’s why when Perfsol was approached by a client who wanted to develop a global workforce management application, we realized that this was once again our chance to make the world a better place.

  • Challenge

    Globalization is a qualitatively new phenomenon at the current stage of human development. It has to do, on the one hand, with the enormous accumulation of capital by individual companies and countries, accompanied by the growth of this capital into transnational capital and its domination of the economies of many countries and their political opportunities. In this situation, it is impossible to ignore the fact that there is supply and demand in the system, but no effective management tools. A worker can easily provide a service to an employer from anywhere in the world, but when it comes to payment, both face a great deal of bureaucracy.

    The owners of Transformify set out to solve this problem once and for all by creating a convenient app for paying employees from different countries. It had to be integrated with popular payment systems, as well as support the transfer of various cryptocurrencies. Having a rich experience in the fintech industry, we analyzed possible ways to solve these tasks and set to work.

  • Business case

    We took our best specialists to work on this project. It was not because the work on a fintech application requires an unprecedented level of expertise, but because of the advanced technologies such as AI and Blockchain. When an application contains such technologies, it is already an indicator of the high skill of the development team.

    The basic functionality of the platform included the ability to hire, manage and pay international contractors and freelancers from a single platform. In addition, we needed to implement a user-friendly interface and notification system so that no matter if you work with thousands of international contractors or just a few, you always receive invoices from and transfer payments.

    All in all we needed to implement the following Key Features:

    1. Automate billing and payments in 184 countries;
    2. Implement payment options via:
    • Cryptocurrency
    • Payoneer
    • Xero
    • Stripe
    • Revolut;
    1. One-click job posting to 150+ job boards and aggregators.
  • Post a job

    Hire, manage and pay international contractors and freelancers from a single platform.

    Post a job
  • Adaptive design for all devices

    We created a minimalist design with an accent on calm natural colors and simple geometric shapes.

    Adaptive design for all devices
  • Projects

    No matter if you work with thousands of international contractors or just a few, you will always receive invoices from and transfer payments to one vendor - TFY. This program allows you to easily manage all your projects.

  • Solution

    Globalization means more than the flow of money, technology, goods, and services. It is the increasing interdependence of the world's population, a process that integrates not only economics but also culture, information, technology, and governance. Globalization leads to a new and interesting phenomenon defined as a virtual contraction of world civilization. Our application is only a tool designed to assist in this process and make it more convenient, fast, and efficient.

    The client got exactly what he expected, namely a multifunctional platform for workforce management, equipped with blockchain and AI technologies. We implemented all the features specified in terms of reference, constantly communicated with the client, and shared our expertise so that the final result was of the highest quality and quickly attracted new users.

    In brief, we implemented the following features:

    • Vendor Management system
    • Payroll On Demand
    • Automate compliance, billing and cross-border payments
    • Transfer payouts in 20+ cryptocurrencies.
    • AI-driven Applicant Tracking System.

    Currently, Perfsol continues to maintain contact with the client and is working on post-release support of the application.

Lilia Stoyanov

CEO, Transformify

Can you share any outcomes from the project that demonstrate progress or success?

So far, all tasks have been completed timely and the code was of high quality. The VMS can be accessed via our home page - .

How effective was the workflow between your team and theirs?

Perfsol seamlessly integrates with our core team, has access to our project management and communication channels. Mykola, the CTO of Perfsol often participates in meetings to navigate the team and provide solutions.

What did you find most impressive or unique about this company?

What I find impressive is the involvement of the CTO of Perfsol in the regular stand-up calls and his immediate reaction in case of issues.

Are there any areas for improvement or something they could have done differently?

As with any new partnership, it takes time for the two teams to get accustomed to each other's processes and policies. We already see significant improvement in that area.

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