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Enhancing an Email Automation Module for Transformify

Transformify is a SaaS company offering an end-to-end workforce management solution to thousands of users worldwide. Designed to empower midsize businesses and enterprises, it helps them seamlessly and compliantly find, hire, and manage human resources.


Transformify’s core team needed to implement new functions for VMS and then seamlessly link them to FMS, which would give Transformify users more capabilities for managing their contingent workforce. The task required Senior Symphony 5.0 PHP developers, and the company’s current resources didn’t suffice. The deadline was looming, and the decision was to make up for the expertise gap with additional hires. After having sifted through ten different vendors, their management eventually settled on Perfsol.

We supported this client in various parts of this project. For example, one of our tasks was to enhance the email automation module, which triggers messages in a rule-based manner. The client wanted it to be available to all business partners (companies that use Transformify’s products), allowing them to send mass emails to potential and current resources. Based on the request, these messages should have been created in Transformify’s partner inbox without putting too much load on the client’s servers.

Business case

The product consists of several modules — Applicant Tracking System (ATS), Freelance Management System (FMS), Vendor Management System (VMS), and Employer of Record — each one focusing on a particular area of workforce management. Besides, available in more than 150 countries, Transformify offers a huge marketplace where job seekers can tap into numerous career opportunities while making sure their rights are protected.

In 2021, Transformify approached us, and the long-term partnership began. Here’s how it happened.


To make all the necessary enhancements, we used:

  • Swift Mailer (a library for building PHP-based emailing solutions)
  • Symphony Messenger (a cloud-based instant messaging service)
  • SendGrid’s email infrastructure

Together, these technologies enabled the email automation module to send mass messages without using the client’s servers.

Still, bringing the client’s idea to life wasn’t devoid of challenges. The most daunting task was to implement the asynchronous sending of Swift Mailer emails. The main problem was that they were being processed not during Symphony Messenger handlers but during the request’s death. So, to make everything function as expected, we did persistent spool running, sending messages by cron command every 5-15 seconds.


We delivered all requested upgrades in time, and the client was satisfied with our high code quality. Transformify was particularly pleased with our openness to addressing issues the minute they arise.

The email automation module is now up and running and allows the client’s customers to send mass emails based on predefined rules in a snap. As a result, the right people receive relevant messages at the right moment. The function can be accessed by both VMS and FMS users.