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Filmo: Responsive web design for mobile and desktop versions of the quiz game

Case study

Filmo: Responsive web design for mobile and desktop versions of the quiz game

Our partner Ludo World relied on us to freshen up a game with new designs and improve user experience. Applying the design thinking approach, we developed a new right-to left mobile design.

Filmo: Responsive web design for mobile and desktop versions of the quiz game
  • About the project

    Filmo is an online quiz in which players guess movies based on short videos, images, animations, or emojis. You will find interpretations of the best Hollywood, Bollywood, and Arabian films.

    The project’s founders involve third-party artists, animators, and actors in creating content. Initially, the goal of our collaboration was to create a responsive web design for mobile and desktop devices. Subsequently, we decided that the user interface needed to be redesigned. Let's dive into the details of the project and see the results we managed to achieve.

  • Challenge

    The client intended to increase the audience by introducing the adaptable design of the existing app. The task was to make the digital solution as convenient as possible for all users:

    • players who often use mobile devices;
    • content authors who mostly create and upload content from a PC.

    Moreover, we had the task of updating the user interface, making it user-friendly and close to the game style. It seems like a common requirement when designing apps, but it is very crucial nonetheless. Users always pay great attention to two things, ease of use and graphics. After all, it helps retain loyal gamers and attract new ones and, therefore, increases the app’s popularity. We strived to achieve this and managed to create a decent UI/UX.

    The client relied entirely on Perfsol’s design experience and passed the initiative into our hands. Despite this, we constantly kept in touch with the customer, consulted before making important decisions, and informed them about the progress.

  • Business Case

    We love working on exciting and promising projects like Filmo, so we involved the best analysts, developers, UI designers, and web designers in its implementation. Our project manager ensured regular communication with the customer. After several meetings, we outlined a plan of work that we had to complete on the project:

    • Target audience and competitor market analysis;
    • Responsive web design for Filmo;
    • UI design update;
    • Optimization of the user's journey in the app;
    • Adding a Tutorials section to the digital solution.
  • Login

    You can register or just try the game in a few clicks.

  • Main menu

    We have created a convenient and attractive functionality in the application for your fun time.

    Main menu
  • The game

    Watch a video clip, an animation, a drawing, or an emoji and try to guess the name of the movie.

    The game
  • Сhallenge your friends

    Filmo will permit you to see how good you are in this game and to challenge your friends too.

    Сhallenge your friends
  • Upload your work

    Filmo invites people who have talent in acting, drawing, or animation to submit their creations to be part of the game.

    Upload your work
  • Personalized profile

    You can always check out your achievements and earned points in your personal profile.

    Personalized profile
  • Evaluate an art

    While playing, you will have a the chance to appreciate the work of the contributors to the game.

    Evaluate an art
  • Solution

    As a result of our work on the project, the app fully complied with the customer’s demands: cross-platform, convenient for players and content authors, with a bright and memorable design.

    The fact that we remained in touch with the customer throughout the entire cooperation allowed us to complete the work considering all their wishes:

    • The game adapts equally well to devices with any screen size. It increased consumer interest in the product; now, the number of downloads in the Google Play Store has exceeded 5 thousand.
    • The user interface has become clear and understandable. Users can access a simple menu with updated icons on the app's start page. The rest of the navigation is also smart and logical, allowing you to stay focused on the gameplay.
    • The app became recognizable thanks to the update of the UI, in particular, new elements and colors. However, the logo was left unchanged so as not to scare away existing fans of the game.

    Also, after updating the app by Perfsol’s specialists, the loyalty of software users has significantly increased due to the new Tutorials section. It allows you to complete the game in training mode using hints.

    After the successful implementation of all the tasks assigned to us, the cooperation of Perfsol and Filmo didn't end. We are currently providing technical support for the app. The client informed us of their intentions to apply to our company for further development of the solution.

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