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Folk-Ukraine: Unique audio library of Ukrainian folk songs

Case study

Folk-Ukraine: Unique audio library of Ukrainian folk songs

Perfsol's specialists created a feature-rich resource with a distinctive design, animated illustrations, and interactive elements as key details.

Folk-Ukraine: Unique audio library of Ukrainian folk songs
  • About the project

    In the modern world full of innovations and progressive technologies, more and more attention is paid to the history of each nation: its traditions and cultural heritage. The Folk-Ukraine resource corresponds to this tendency in the best way possible; the idea of the website is to create a collection of Ukrainian folk songs. The project's uniqueness lies in the fact that the pieces are not professionally recorded but by the people who collect and preserve them.

  • Challenge

    The client contacted Perfsol on the recommendation of the founder of the company; we had previously made a design update of their web resource. Then the cooperation was a success; after the work was done, the company was able to significantly increase the conversion rate of the website and expand its audience.

    The idea was to create a service that could host Ukrainian folk songs collected in different regions of the country. Among the customer's main wishes was a unique design that would fully correspond to the national stylistics and color and at the same time include modern elements.

    Other website requirements include:

    • Intuitive interface. Users should be able not only to listen to the added songs but also to manage the content themselves.
    • Clear website structure. The songs should be divided into sections for an easy search, and there should be a convenient search bar and the ability to filter the desired content.
    • Engaging design. When users visit the site, they should be fully immersed in the world of Ukrainian culture thanks to the national motifs, interactive elements, and colorful animation.

    To understand the client's vision as correctly as possible, the Perfsol team initiated regular joint meetings. We discussed the functionality of the site that we needed to implement, the design features, and the optimal tech stack. This helped us create a web resource that best meets the client's requirements and the target audience's expectations.

    The main challenges of this project:

    • add animations that should take up the entire page;
    • create an adaptive design so that the site displays equally well on any screen, from smartphones to 4K monitors.
  • Business Case

    A team of three people was involved in the project: a backend developer, a frontend developer, and a designer. Their experience in working on such tasks made it possible to perform the work quickly and with high quality; the client received the finished site in three months, which surpassed all their expectations. The customer noted the accuracy of the implementation of their idea, the high performance of the resource, and a logical, clear user interface.

    To bring the idea to life, we used:

    • For the frontend: Next.js and Styled Components. With these tools, we could implement the client's wishes for colorful animation and interactive elements.
    • For the backend: Strapi. We quickly created a user-friendly admin panel where the client can add and edit content.
  • All songs

    Choose songs to your liking by region and genre.

    All songs
  • All songs / Extend view

    Listen. Sing. Learn. Enjoy.

    All songs / Extend view
  • Regions

    Our developers added the function of selecting songs by region in a non-standard way. Click on the windows and see what is hidden behind them.

  • Genres

    You can also choose songs by genre. Click on one of the objects in the image and enjoy Ukrainian folklore for various events.

  • Regions / Naddniprianshchyna

    Naddniprianshchyna is full of beautiful pieces, choose the desired genre and turn it on at full blast :)

    Regions / Naddniprianshchyna
  • Regions / Mobile view

    The design and ethnic images are adaptive for the mobile version as well.

    Regions / Mobile view
  • All songs / Mobile view

    We created an authentic design with an accent on ethnic Ukrainian motives and nature colors.

    All songs / Mobile view
  • About the creation

    Learn more about the history of the project and its creators.

    About the creation
  • Solution

    As a result of cooperation with Perfsol, the client received:

    • A web resource with an adaptive design. This allowed us to attract the maximum number of users, as the site displays equally well on any device.
    • A site that displays the cultural characteristics of the Ukrainian people and simultaneously contains modern elements.
    • Interactive components and animations for maximum user engagement.
    • Convenient admin panel for content management.
    • A clear web resource structure that provides a breakdown of songs by sections (regions, genres, songs), easy search, and filtering.

    The project caused a commotion in the Ukrainian and foreign media, resulting in a significant increase in user interest. The client was satisfied with the collaboration and plans to engage the Perfsol team to expand the site's functionality.

Marichka Marczyk

Executive Director & CEO, The App Solutions

Can you share any outcomes from the project that demonstrate progress or success?

Within 9 month we did a great work together. Works hard but with support and appreciation our creative working process felt easier. Such a great thing - to have a deep understanding inside of the team. We did a 80% of work, only 20 % to do. And our web site already looks great. it will be very unique product that we are proud of what we made.

How effective was the workflow between your team and Perfsol's?

It was very easy to communicate, we use a different platforms for that share ideas and ongoing work. They inspired us every time we met. We're where always easy to find a compromises and moved forward fast without any delay.

What did you find most impressive about Perfsol?

Perfsol team are professionals, very creative, very fast in their work, easy to work with and a very good humans.

Are there any areas for improvement?

Every steps went very well. And we will have a super well done project at the end. Wonderful. Great job! Looking forward to work together in other projects.

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