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Followers: Service to boost a user's Instagram profile

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Followers: Service to boost a user's Instagram profile

The resource for buying followers, likes, and views on Instagram.

Followers: Service to boost a user's Instagram profile
  • About the project is a resource that allows you to quickly increase the popularity of your Instagram profile by buying likes, followers, and views. Its difference from competitors is that there are no bots here, only real and active users. The founders of the company claim that accessing its services cannot lead to account blocking because they do not contradict the rules of the social network. Users are guaranteed results within 10 minutes after payment, and does not need any personal data of the clients.

    Another advantage of the service – the target audience will be carefully selected for a specific niche so that users will get an increase not only in the number of followers but also in their quality.

  • Challenge

    The client approached Perfsol with the idea of redesigning an existing software product following modern standards. The main tasks to be solved by the web resource were the promotion of Instagram accounts by adding likes, video views, and follower purchases. There were no difficulties in working on the project; it was an exciting experience that will surely come in handy for us in the future.

    The customer chose our company because of the positive reviews on the Internet and the extensive portfolio. Our technology stack also played an important role; we try to follow the latest trends in software development, which fully meets the task set for us.

    After discussing the details of cooperation, the Perfsol team started implementing the client's idea. When working on the mobile and desktop versions of the site, we focused on a simple design and maximum information content of the resource. Users must be able to find all the necessary information about the service on the site's pages. We divided all the data into thematic blocks to achieve the desired result:

    • advantages of the company;
    • services offered;
    • FAQ;
    • customer feedback.

    The site's design is easy and intuitive; it is easy to make a purchase and find an answer to any question about the service. To improve the customer experience, our specialists developed the Customer journey map.

  • Business case

    Work on the project began with a detailed analysis of the target audience, competitors, and the market as a whole. This stage was necessary to make the website a competitive advantage for the client. Also, we chose the optimal tech stack, which allowed us to get a progressive app with vast possibilities. We used the following tools:

    • programming languages: PHP, JavaScript;
    • framework: Laravel;
    • database management system: MySQL.

    A team of four people worked on updating the digital solution: two backend developers, a frontend developer, and a designer. Thanks to the team's coordinated work, all the work was completed on time; our collaboration lasted two months.

    We communicated closely with the client throughout the entire work on the project. We had regular meetings (offline and online) to discuss any problems that arose, make suggestions, and give recommendations. In one of these discussions, we suggested that to improve the site, we should update not only its design but also the tech stack. The client agreed with this suggestion and, in their words, never regretted it.

  • How it works

    Check out the apps’ benefits and functions our developers have implemented in the customer application.

    How it works
  • Ordering process

    We have created a simple and convenient ordering functionality. Just choose your package, put details, and watch it grow.

    Ordering process
  • Adaptive design for all devices

    We created a minimalist design with an accent on bright colors and simple geometric shapes.

    Adaptive design for all devices
  • Benefits

    Real followers + real engagement = Instagram success.

  • Pricing and proposals

    At Followers, you can buy Instagram followers quickly, safety and easily with just a few clicks.

    Pricing and proposals
  • Customer Feedbackes & Reviews

    Our developers have created the function of adding feedback & reviews to the site so that the application is transparent for the user.

    Customer Feedbackes & Reviews
  • Solution

    As a result of the cooperation with Perfsol, our customer received an updated design of the existing software product, which fully meets the requirements of the modern market. We also upgraded the technical part of the web app, allowing us to:

    • increase its performance;
    • provide maximum fault tolerance;
    • increase its reliability and stability.

    We are now nearing the end of our product development process. Since the client was extremely satisfied with the cooperation with Perfsol, they have no plans to give up our services. Our company will provide post-release maintenance of the web app, as well as user support.

Vadim Roman


Can you share any measurable outcomes of the project or general feedback about the deliverables?

Perfsol has delivered polished UI/UX design in Figma and implemented this design into a fine-tuned website.

Describe Perfsol's project management style, including communication tools and timeliness.

Perfsol performed great in terms of project management. They were incredibly great at prioritizing tasks, allowing us to develop the project cost-effectively and agilely.

What did you find most impressive or unique about Perfsol?

How fast they got to my project and produced the first results. Also, how proactively and effectively they communicate and suggest great ideas for my business.

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