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Combining the insight of a local agent, the algorithms of an auto-pricing website, and the calculations of appraiser, HomeEase was created to give everyone access to the most accurate method for home pricing. SaaS for real estate development

How it works is a tool that was created to help home sellers and buyers avoid making the two biggest mistakes in real estate. Mis-pricing a home and working with low-quality agents.

  • About the project was created to combine the power of the latest tech (information/algorithms) and human intuition into a seamless tool. With its help, you can learn how to price a home, have a local professional check the work, and be confident when you buy or sell.

  • Challenge

    The client came in with a request for SaaS for the real estate platform and landing page development for TikTok (to generate website traffic). The following request was a redesign for two home pages, which was a challenge for our team as the main website was written in Angular. So, we discussed in detail with the customer our vision of the future digital solution and provided recommendations regarding the software's functionality.

  • Business case

    The idea behind the customer was to provide a user-friendly guide for buyers, sellers, realtors, and lenders. Its essence was to help bypass all the necessary purchase/sale procedures, saving all the data.

    The issue was that the real estate market in the US is highly regulated, so buying/selling real estate is a challenging task, even for people dealing with this not the first time. The application was ready so beginners could create their property, hire a realtor who would evaluate the object's value, and, as a result, receive a loan for the purchase by contacting the bank and successfully closing the deal.

    It was an exciting experience to fulfill this order and integrate our application into an existing website. So we decided to combine several technologies:

    • Next.js;
    • PHP Laravel;
    • Angular.

    This choice allowed us to implement the required functionality as efficiently as possible. Throughout the project, they were in touch with the customer, notifying them promptly of emerging problems and ways to solve them and discussing alternative ways to achieve the goals. After successfully creating two landing pages, the customer set the task of redesigning two home pages.

  • How can HomeEase help

    Check out the tool’s benefits and functions that our developers and the customer have implemented.

    How can HomeEase help
  • HomeEase E-Appraisal

    We have created a simple and convenient functionality. Just put details and get a fast, affordable & bank approved Home E-Appraisal.

    HomeEase E-Appraisal
  • Adaptive design for all devices

    We created a minimalist design with an accent on natural colors and simple geometric shapes.

    Adaptive design for all devices
  • Find your Price and Agent in a few steps

    Submit your address, price your home and confidently connect with trusted agents.

    Find your Price and Agent in a few steps
  • Free home valuation

    HomeEasy randomly selects a home to provide free professional valuation each week and spread the word about this home on the TikTok account.

    Free home valuation
  • Pricing and proposals

    We have created a simple and convenient ordering functionality. Just choose your package, put details, and watch it grow.

    Pricing and proposals
  • Solution

    To carry out such an interesting project, we have assembled a team of the best professionals. Project managers, DevOps, and designers were involved in the work, who gathered to implement the client's idea and present a modern solution. Our specialists needed to equip the sites with a more user-friendly design and interface, the ability to use the navigation to gain access to critical information.

    At the moment the project is still in development, but the following works have already been completed:

    • Kanban approach to implement a project;
    • UI/UX design for two landing pages created;
    • redesign of two home pages.

    The website started to work much faster and became more convenient. So, the client was delighted with the work of Perfsol developers and continues to cooperate with us for post-release support and further software development.

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