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Promis: Invoicing software screens redesign

Case study

Promis: Invoicing software screens redesign

We have redesigned the app to display invoices and manage sales more effectively in real-time.

Promis: Invoicing software screens redesign

How it works

While other programs merely help digitize basic paperwork, Promis enables businesses to create, send and track e-invoices directly between accounting platforms, using raw data for total accuracy and security.

  • About the project

    This app allows you to receive electronic invoices directly in MYOB. It includes the original supplier PDF, so you have ATO-compliant document storage. For each supplier, it checks the official register to ensure they are GST registered so that you always declare valid GST.

    Suppliers don’t have to change their processes at all. They connect to Promis and send invoices out of their accounting system as usual.

  • Challenge

    To begin with, the task was to change the design of the current site with an emphasis on the convenience and correct display of invoices. But later it came to the understanding that not a simple redesign was needed, but a significant improvement of the site.

  • Business Case

    The idea behind the customer was to provide businesses with a solution allowing them to create, send and track e-invoices directly between accounting platforms using raw data. It must be a program that ensures complete accuracy and security.

    So the task for our team was not only to prepare a redesign of the software screens, but also to make the interface simpler/clearer and the experience of using the application as comfortable as possible.

    When working on a project, our team had to pay more attention to the product users: customers, suppliers, and business representatives. We remembered what we needed to help new users understand the essence of the product, help deal with invoices, and to set up the correct display of all information.

  • Benefits and functionality

    Learn more how e-invoicing through Promis can benefit tour bottom line.

    Benefits and functionality
  • Main page

    Promis enables you to send & receive e-invoices directly into your accounting software.

    Main page
  • Pricing and plans

    Charges customers for services provided with an option to sign up for an automatic monthly subscription.

    Pricing and plans
  • Services functionality

    With Promis you can connect between different accounting platforms, so you are connected to your clients and suppliers regardless of their software type.

    Services functionality
  • Solution

    The product had the following issues:

    • the essence of the software is poorly conveyed, its value and importance were poorly represented, and therefore, the product did not stand out from the competition;
    • intricate design and structure on the site did not make it clear what the product is and what it is for;
    • the design was not attractive enough and did not make the product stand out from the competition.

    Working on the project, we provided the following solutions:

    • improved usability;
    • redesigned individual pages of the site;
    • structuring information about invoices;
    • work with thematic illustrations.

    To achieve the best results, we conducted an extensive UX audit and created the redesign that fit the product concept the most and stood out from the competition. Later, it helped present the product correctly and increase the conversion rate.

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