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Allego: Mobile Dev Staff Augmentation for Training Solutions Firm

Case study

Allego: Mobile Dev Staff Augmentation for Training Solutions Firm

An app with an abundant supply of learning material for sales teams. Sales reps get access to a collection of videos to watch at their own pace and regular feedback on their progress.

Allego: Mobile Dev Staff Augmentation for Training Solutions Firm

How it works

Allego revolutionizes the way people learn and work through online training and enabling virtual collaboration and communication. See how it works!

  • About the project

    The Allego app is a revolutionary tool for training and improving employee performance. Its functionality provides lessons and trainings in the format of virtual personal video practices with professional trainers and feedback. In collaboration with Allego, the Perfsol team has improved the innovative education and collaboration app for geographically dispersed employees.

  • Challenge

    The educational sphere, as well as many other business areas, is undergoing digital transformation. Our client decided to join this trend and develop a unique training tool, considering the latest technological innovations on the IT market.

    Allego offers a new approach to online learning and communication in enterprise-level companies. Allego SaaS also enables users to maximize learning and return on investment.

    The app has proven itself as an effective tool for increasing productivity. The capabilities of the app were not limited to this but required significant refinement, so there was a need to expand the functionality. The client came to us with this problem since our team has many years of experience developing Android apps.

    The key task for our specialists was to develop additional options for the app. The challenge we faced in the process was to ensure seamless integration and smooth operation of the new features in conjunction with the existing ones. We started to execute the order together with the client's team.

  • Business Case

    Due to the rapidly growing demand for new Allego features, it was necessary to increase the speed of feature development. At the Scrum conference, together with members of the Allego team, we discussed in detail the goals of the new features, their feasibility, development methods, and implementation processes. We also decided to use two programming languages, Java and Kotlin.

    Our Senior Android developer was involved in the project. They suggested speeding up the process of writing new functions by using Kotlin. Then convert the created code fragments to Java for further development.

    Thus, together with the client's team, we quickly developed all the necessary features that expanded the capabilities of the app's users. Allego now has convenient tools for creating user-generated content and communication between study participants.

  • Simulate Real-World Interactions

    Stop practicing on prospects. Use video exercises, objection handling drills, and simulations with an AI-generated actor to gain sales confidence.

    Simulate Real-World Interactions
  • Enable Company-Wide Learning

    Infuse traditional training with best practices, real-life examples, peer generated content, and subject-matter expert input to enhance the effectiveness of learning.

    Enable Company-Wide Learning
  • Allego Certifications

    Capture and share insights from top performing reps and best practices from internal experts.

    Allego Certifications
  • Personalize learning

    Personalize learning journeys and create AI-powered microlearning and automate competency tracking.

    Personalize learning
  • Content

    Our developers have created an easy-to-use platform for your video content, with a quick search for the desired material using filters.

  • Solution

    We partnered with Allego; in the process of working on the educational app, we managed to:

    • develop all the new features;
    • ensure their seamless integration;
    • harmoniously integrate functions into the user interface;
    • improve the overall functionality of the app.

    The learning solutions company has received a lot of praise from its users. Students using the app say the new features have made it much easier to find the video information they need and have improved their user experience. Our client's development has been a valuable boon to many users, including our employees, for more effective training.

    Shortly after upgrading the digital learning solution, Allego, we received a positive recommendation from our client and an offer to continue the partnership. We were to participate in further projects on deployment and pre-release support of educational apps. We should note that our team was very enthusiastic about such an offer since each of our specialists devotes a lot of time to self-education and improvement of skills.

    Perfsol has been working with Allego for three years and provides additions to the Android development staff. Our specialists participate in Scrum meetings and also contribute to code reviews. The team gives us specifications, layouts, and wireframes, and we complete these projects quickly and on time. We continue to help the Allego team design and create new features for their educational apps.

Kevin Weber

Director, Training Solutions Firm

What evidence can you share that demonstrates the impact of the engagement?

They’ve been an integral part of the team and it’s been a great collaboration. They’ve done a great job of learning our environment and coming up to speed. Overall, they’re very solid.

How did Perfsol perform from a project management standpoint?

We use Jira as a tracking tool, and it works really well for us. They’re very communicative if there are any issues. Otherwise, they’re good at completing their tasks and sticking to the timeline. We have meetings every two weeks to learn how things are going from both of our perspectives.

What did you find most impressive about Perfsol?

They’re very proactive about communicating issues or concerns. It feels like a very collaborative effort.

Are there any areas they could improve?

No, we’ve refined our process pretty well. They’ve been great.

Do you have any advice for potential customers?

My advice is to take a collaborative approach. They respond very well to it.

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