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Mobile Dev Staff Augmentation for Training Solutions Firm

Allego revolutionizes the way people learn and work through online training and enabling virtual collaboration and communication. They provide training solutions for enterprise-level companies.
With the help of Allego SaaS, you can Maximize Learning and ROI.
Connect dispersed teams with high-quality, reliable, secure video learning, communication, and collaboration. Assess competencies and deliver targeted skills training that keeps your people engaged. Create a culture of learning with peer-to-peer collaboration and user-generated content.

Mobile Dev Staff Augmentation for Training Solutions Firm

With the fast-growing demand for new features, Allego needed to increase the speed of feature development exclusively in Java and Kotlin efficiently. We partnered with the Allego and ramped up to speed. The team gives us specifications, mockups, and wireframes, and we complete those projects in an agile and timely manner. Our developers participate in scrum meetings as well as contribute code reviews.