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Case study A full-fledged platform for working with videos

Easily record podcasts and videos in high quality from anywhere. All from your browser or mobile app. A full-fledged platform for working with videos

How it works

So you want to know how to record a podcast, how to do remote interviews, or how to create videos for your business. is a recording platform that allows anyone, from beginners to professional content creators to easily record and edit remote podcasts, remote interviews and videos over the web. Riverside’s recording quality is independent of internet connection, making it easy for anyone like podcasters and business owners to record remote interviews online in studio quality.

  • About the project

    Streamers and bloggers are now doing everything to attract attention to their content. In this case, using any communication service with the audience does not give the desired result. But uploading podcasts to multiple streams takes a massive amount of time. That is why, for the convenience of its users, the service decided to expand its functionality. The updated platform was supposed to become a place where you can create and edit audio and video, immediately placing it on all selected streams.

  • Challenge

    Our company faced the task of creating an actual video workshop with online access. This way, users were allowed to create, edit, and post videos while working on just one resource. Integration with Spotify and Apple Podcasts was significant. It will allow users to upload podcasts to all platforms of their choice without spending a lot of time entering information about the content on a condom from them. Developing algorithms for the correct transfer of analytics from the specified platforms to the customer's resource was also necessary.

    Since the integration between different resources is one of the strong skills of our team, we took on the project with pleasure. We were recommended to the customer by one of our regular customers for whom we performed similar work.

  • Business Case

    The team immediately got to work. We had to create a real home for podcasts that would simplify the work of content creators as much as possible. There were no difficulties with integration with streaming platforms, but the algorithm for working with analytics had to be selected for a long time. The reason is that services are reluctant to share analytical data, considering it a commercial secret. However, only six months were spent on the implementation of the project, which is generally a good indicator of this direction.

    The following technologies were used:

    • reactjs;
    • nodejs;
    • cubernetes.

    The development process included the following:

    • Scrum;
    • 2 FE;
    • 1 BE;
    • UI/UX (remote by the Riverside)
    • One DevOps
    • PM.
  • Unparalleled audio & video quality

    Riverside locally records all content and simultaneously uploads it to the cloud, giving you top-quality recordings that sound as if you and your guests are in the same room.

    Unparalleled audio & video quality
  • Overview

    After publishing a podcast, you can get an overview of all-time plays and unique listeners, estimated subscribers, most popular lime/location, and even the number of people, listening to your podcast right now.

  • Podcast metrics

    Riverside covers metrics for audience engagement, podcast growth, and sponsorship.

    Podcast metrics
  • Edit episodes

    You can easily edit, reschedule, delete, etc., episodes from your private profile.

     Edit episodes
  • Top locations

    See where your audience is listening from.

    Top locations
  • Adaptive design for all devices

    We created a minimalist design with an accent on bright colors and simple geometric shapes.

    Adaptive design for all devices
  • High-quality recording, straight from mobile

    Invite, record and download high-quality audio & video recordings easily, anywhere.

    High-quality recording, straight from mobile
  • Solution

    Content creation has long become an excellent way to earn money and a hobby. However, bloggers rarely have a professional education in video editing. In addition, you need to distribute materials on different platforms to reach your audience better, which takes a lot of time. The solution can be a convenient service with an installation function that will help distribute content automatically in one click. Available on the model device and the computer, it will allow you to adjust and share information anywhere and anytime.

    That's how Riverside turned out. In addition, the intuitive interface allows you to work with the application even without special knowledge of video processing. According to the results of almost six months' work, the customer received a service that met all his wishes. The client was delighted with the mobile version of the resource, which contained the full functionality of the desktop version and was even more convenient to use. Currently, the customer is engaged in implementing the resource and turns to Perfsol in case of need, as we provide technical support on demand. The cooperation left a great impression on both sides and will not be the last.

Shahar Mintz

Director of Web Engineering,

What evidence can you share that demonstrates the impact of the Perfsol's engagement?

I haven’t collected any quantitative metrics, but on the quality side, communication is the most important part of working with an outsourced partner, and their communication has been really good. We can speak to them on both a product and technological level, which is very helpful. They’re reactive to changes; we appreciate how dynamic they are.

How did Perfsol perform from a project management standpoint?

Because I have a technical background, I’ve been in touch with the developers a bit on this second project. These are only small touchpoints, though. We use Slack for communication and Jira for project management.

What did you find most impressive about them?

They have very friendly leadership coming from both Nicola and Volodomyr (Co-Founder & CEO), which made the initial contracting stages very easy. Secondly, Perfsol’s communication is unlike anything I’ve seen from other outsourcing firms — very effective. Finally, their leadership takes an interest in the quality of the code that their team puts out. I can rest assured that senior resources will always review our code; if we ever take one of our projects in-house, our developers will be able to understand all of the code that Perfsol creates.

Are there any areas they could improve?

There were some points of friction early on in the second project regarding expectations and how to tackle them. We let some question marks hang in time because we were working from scratch on the platform. This required us to open a sub-agreement some time into the project. Having a project manager has mitigated a lot of potential issues, however.

Do you have any advice for potential customers?

Make sure you’ve identified a technical leader on the project so you can go to someone with your questions. Take some time initially to explore the scope of the engagement as well: break it into milestones and ensure that they are layered in order of importance. Pay attention to how the work is structured.

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