SmartAssMetrics: development of a dashboard for easy launch of advertising on FB

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SmartAssMetrics: development of a dashboard for easy launch of advertising on FB

We present one of the successful projects that the Perfsol team performed, read on to learn more.

SmartAssMetrics: development of a dashboard for easy launch of advertising on FB
  • About the project

    Perfsol was approached by a client who configures and monitors the results of Facebook advertising campaigns. His goal was to optimize their workflows with a functional digital product – a dashboard allowing them to combine and synchronize several social network accounts and work with ads without switching between them.

  • Challenge

    The scale of our client's business was gradually increasing – when contacting Perfsol, they had over 200 Facebook advertising accounts. To set up an advertising campaign, logging in to each account was necessary, which took a lot of time and did not allow for focusing on global business goals.

    The client's idea was to create a single ecosystem to combine existing accounts into one table and work with them simultaneously without having to constantly log in and out of them.

    The Perfsol team discussed in detail with the customer their vision of the future digital solution and provided recommendations regarding the software's functionality. As a result of the discussion, a list of requirements for the program we had to implement was outlined. Among them:

    • synchronization and consolidation of advertising accounts into one functional dashboard;
    • real-time metrics tracking;
    • ability to manage ads from the dashboard.

    We had to work with the Facebook API to integrate the new app with the social network. This required strict control over all changes to the program interface of the app to avoid serious errors in the created system. In addition, it was difficult to work with a large amount of data that is updated in real-time.

  • Business Case

    The client fully relied on Perfsol's experience in working on projects of this level of complexity, and we started implementing the idea. Our team chose Kanban to achieve maximum workflow flexibility. This method of development management allowed us to work within the strictly set deadlines due to the even distribution of workload within the team. Work on the project lasted for three months. During this period, we developed the server and client parts of the application and achieved results that fully satisfied the client's needs. The coordinated work of our team played an important role in the project's success.

    FrontEnd and BackEnd developers, as well as a UI/UX designer, worked on the project. An experienced project manager supervised the process and was responsible for communications with the customer. Throughout the project, they were in touch with the customer, notifying them promptly of emerging problems and ways to solve them, discussing alternative ways to achieve the goals, and discussing the chosen technology stack.

    We chose advanced tools to work on the project: the PHP programming language, the Laravel web framework, and the Next.js JavaScript framework. This choice allowed us to implement the required functionality as efficiently as possible.

  • Welcome to the service

    Integrate ads with Facebook.

    Welcome to the service
  • Setting

    Select ad account to synk and go to the next step.

  • Allow setting global values

    That will apply to all ad accounts and all subsequent tiers.

    Allow setting global values
  • Classify ad accounts

    Determine your budget and prioritize all in one place.

    Classify ad accounts
  • Dashboard

    Our developers have created a user-friendly app where you can create and manage all of your campaigns.

  • Solution

    As a result of working on the project, our client received a desktop app that made it possible to significantly simplify setting up Facebook advertising campaigns. They got the following opportunities:

    • Combine all accounts in one place, work in them simultaneously, and do not waste time entering data for login and logout.
    • Track the effectiveness of advertising campaigns in real time.
    • Start and stop ads directly from the dashboard without opening the Facebook page.

    The implemented functionality allowed the client to increase productivity by saving time previously spent on routine, repetitive tasks.

    The client was so pleased with the cooperation with Perfsol that they did not look for other contractors to support the product after its release. We now continue our collaboration, providing on-demand support services for the app.


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