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From idea to Taxi app in a few months

The platform sets itself apart as the first rideshare mobile solution that allows riders to choose vehicles based on their carbon footprint. Besides, it calculates the amount of carbon emitted during the trip and donates the offset to tree-planting initiatives.

From idea to Taxi app in a few months

The idea to build the first sustainable ride-sharing was (and remains) unique. Yet, in our mobile-first age, even the most brilliant idea won’t succeed without an intuitive yet robust mobile app

Business case

Our Canadian partner initiated this idea in 2016, shortly after Toronto’s authorities licensed the rideshare business. At that time, the only existing ride-sharing alternative in the market was Uber. Besides, neither Uber nor any other similar platform offered options to reduce and offset the carbon footprint. On top of that, while the niche that our partner chose was vacant, the sharing economy in Canada was growing in popularity at an increasing rate. Together, all these factors provided fertile ground for the project’s success.


At Perfsol, we were inspired by our partner’s vision to turn something as simple as hailing a ride into a collective attempt for a change. That’s why we wanted to ensure the solution would reach its customers while catering to their needs. Here’s how the Android app for the rideshare solution was born.

Based on Kotlin and Android SDK, the app is on par with other Uber-like solutions. Thanks to the user-friendly GEO location search function, it allows passengers to find the nearest drivers, choose the most environmentally friendly vehicle, and select the most convenient route. In addition to that, users can review the fare beforehand and pay by Visa or MasterCard.

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