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Twinbody: Health & fitness app

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Twinbody: Health & fitness app

Twinbody weight loss community is a health and fitness app where you can connect with your weight doppelgangers and pursue the same fitness goals.

Twinbody: Health & fitness app
  • About the project

    A Copenhagen-based startup whose mission is to make you feel great about your body and strive to lose weight through the Twinbody social network. The Perfsol team has joined the project to expand the app's features and improve the user experience for community members.

  • Challenge

    The client's idea was to gather a positive community of people united by one goal: to learn to accept themselves and their bodies. The Twinbody health and fitness app helps join a group of friendly people who encourage users like themselves in their efforts to lead healthier lifestyles. The mobile solution also allows you to connect with someone of your weight and set yourself the same fitness goals as them.

    The client-created product combines the functions of a social network and standard weight-loss and calorie-tracking apps. There are healthy eating menus, videos with fitness lessons, and other people's success stories. The app is designed to give confidence and encouragement to people who are switching to a healthier lifestyle.

    The client had been searching for performers who shared their values for a long time. After a search on the Internet, they found our team, and then after studying the reviews of our work, they made the final decision to contact us.

    The key problem of the startup was the app's performance degradation. We had to find a solution that would help improve it and bring Twinbody to a new performance level, and keep users interested. We took on this project enthusiastically, as we were very impressed with the client's idea – to create a friendly community for people with weight problems.

  • Business Case

    Twinbody is not just an app to keep track of your lbs; it is a social network where people can find like-minded people and get support and useful advice. Therefore, we set a goal at the conference with the client to develop a mobile app for smartphones with iOS and Android operating systems. This decision was dictated by the client's desire to increase the reach of the target audience.

    To work on the project, we allocated one Android developer and one iOS developer from our team. Together with the client's IT team, we outlined the plan to implement the app and began to put it into practice. The development process consisted of the following stages:

    • analysis of the target audience and market;
    • implementation of new features;
    • creation of UI/UX design;
    • performance and functionality testing.

    While developing iOS and Android social networking apps, we offered to implement more convenient video and photo processing features. The client approved our idea and noted our sincere interest in improving their project.

    Then we continued to work on the project. At every stage of the work, each version of the app was thoroughly tested, allowing us to correct bugs and errors on time. Thus, we developed the most productive digital product considering all the customer's wishes.

  • Library

    In the library, you can find a lot of practical recipes, workout challenges, mindfulness videos, etc.

  • People

    Our developers have created functionality that allows you to search for like-minded people and achieve your dream goals together with them.

  • Tracking

    Track your progress by kea points: body weight, energy level, mood level, and body measurements.

  • Analytics

    See your progress in analytics by days, weeks and month.

  • Solution

    Perfsol joined forces with Twinbody to give their app a makeover. With our two-prong strategy, we set out to improve the video playback performance and add the missing thrill factor.

    While working on the project, we expanded the app's functionality by introducing new features for creating photo collages and videos. Users have responded positively to the changes, resulting in a 15% increase in rave reviews and a 5% increase in total downloads.

    We successfully completed and released two mobile apps together with the Twinbody team. Afterward, we continued to work with the client and did post-release support for both app versions. It was pleasant and easy for us to work with the client and their team. Thanks to our cooperation with Twinbody, we had a chance to contribute to such an important and helpful cause – to help support those who need it.

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