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Voice X: Developing an iOS app for changing voice

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Voice X: Developing an iOS app for changing voice

A fun-filled app for recording your voice and applying one of than 40 different effects: robot, zombie, alien, squirrel, and what not. You can also create an image with a funny voice and share it with your friends in WhatsApp, Facebook or via email.

Voice X: Developing an iOS app for changing voice
  • About the project

    Voice X is an app that can change the user's voice through numerous sound effects. All you need to do is record your voice and run the voice generator. After that, the program will offer to process it so that it becomes like the voice of a robot, zombie, child, or alien — more than 30 options in total. The resulting audio file can be saved to the gallery for personal use or shared with friends.

  • Challenge

    The client asked us to create an iOS application compatible with various versions of the operating system and all devices that run on it. The key requirements for future software are flawless performance and high-quality and modern UI/UX design.

    Perfsol took over the app's development from scratch while the customer created the design independently. We had to implement the following functions:

    • voice recording for later editing;
    • more than 30 sound effects to achieve a cool result;
    • changing the pitch and speed of the voice;
    • the ability to share the record with friends;
    • setting the received audio as a ringtone;
    • easy navigation in the app.

    Given the experience in the development of similar apps, Perfsol managed to meet the customer’s needs.

  • Business Case

    Experienced iOS developers worked on the Voice X project. By the time of collaboration, they already had dozens of successfully completed projects. A quality control specialist was also involved in the work. His task was to identify bugs in the early stages of development to reduce the cost of fixing them.

    Perfsol worked on creating new functionality and paid much attention to the integration capabilities of the app.

    To achieve optimal results, we used the following stack of technologies:

    • Swift;
    • IAP;
    • SwiftUI;
    • Custom UI;
    • AVFoundation.

    Work on the app lasted 5 months. During this time, we implemented all the required functions and prepared the product for release.

  • Choose record to edit

    Adults and kids alike can change voices using simple and intuitive voice changer platform, that our developers created.

    Choose record to edit
  • Add voice effect

    When you are done recording, use the voice generator for altering your voice in over 30 ways: robot voice, kids voice, helium, voice box, etc.

    Add voice effect
  • Save updated record

    Save your recording, browse through the library of new voices and share them with only a tap.

    Save updated record
  • Solution

    Our work resulted in an iOS app that can be described as a state-of-the-art voice modifier. We implemented:

    • the possibility to record and edit audio files;
    • the option to save the recording to the user's gallery and send the file to friends;
    • convenient navigation;
    • function to set an audio recording as a ringtone.

    The successful completion of the project was made possible thanks to the correctly chosen work methodology. We used Scrum. It involved dividing the workflow into small segments called sprints. We also constantly held retrospectives, brainstorming meetings, and other events. It allowed us to notice and fix problems in time and generate the best ideas to achieve the client's goals.

    Since the customer was satisfied with our cooperation, we were also entrusted with post-release support of the software product. The team is currently working on improving the app's performance and eliminating minor flaws in its operation.

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