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Case study

GDS integration

An emerging product company that offers to search faster for flights in Australia and Asia, Jetseeker has the vision to become a reliable booking partner. A traveller looking for affordable tickets to any destination in these regions can reserve them in a matter of clicks.

GDS integration
Our partner is a product company that needs to get a foot in the door and win over travellers.
Business case
When it comes to Australian travel habits, a review of the statistics shows that domestic destinations are getting increasingly popular. Likewise, several overseas destinations, most of them in Asia, are on the rise. And with so few flight booking services available on the market, JetSeeker embarks upon delivering an opportunity for each customer to find and snap up the best deals.
Leveraging their experience in global distribution system (GDS) integration, PerfSol designed architecture that conforms to Amadeus standards. For a traveller, the system allows searching by airports, cities and looking for round trip flights. For a business, the system is equipped with a smart price engine to configure commissions, discounts and sales programs.
Services provided:
Web development Architecture development Strategy development Quality assurance

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