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BeerMenus TV Menus: Digital Menu Creation Tool

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BeerMenus TV Menus: Digital Menu Creation Tool

Sleek, customized digital menu boards for your beer, cider, wine, and cocktails. Digital TV menus turn any TV into a polished beer menu.

BeerMenus TV Menus: Digital Menu Creation Tool
  • About the project

    Another example of successful cooperation with Perfsol. BeerMenus TV Menus is a convenient platform for creating custom beer menus for restaurants and establishments. The company's two founding brothers decided to expand into new platforms, namely Amazon TV and Android TV. In their search for expertise, they turned to Perfsol.

  • Challenge

    As we said, we were approached by the guys from BeerMenus. Their business started in 2008. It was pretty successful and involved a Brooklyn-based 10-person team. However, the team needed to be augmented with additional expertise.

    The owners of the business wanted to solve challenges by adding Amazon TV and Android TV to their Digital menu platform. Perfsol acted as a real expert in TV development who could build reliable solutions in time.

  • Business case

    So we went to work on the project. The first thing we did was to analyze the client's idea and decide exactly how we would implement certain functions, as well as how long it would take. Since the main task of the application is to demonstrate visual content we also carefully worked on the design. The most important task from our side was to correctly integrate the software for the Android TV platform. In particular, our task was to integrate the functionality into the TV app format. We used the following technologies:

    • Android TV;
    • Amazon Fire TV;
    • Kotlin;
    • Image processing tools;
    • Custom animations;
      Tools for improvement in app flow.
  • Customized digital menu

    This app makes life easier for bartenders and makes the entire ordering process more efficient, which drives a significant increase in beverage sales.

    Customized digital menu
  • Design

    Design your menu yourself or get the help of the app’s professional designers, who can create a custom menu design for you at no extra cost.

  • Solution

    Our team successfully completed the project on time. We built the app for BeerMenus TV Menus from scratch in a short period and helped them to publish the app to the market. Further, Perfsol provided long-term post-release support.

    In total, the following functionality was implemented in the app:

    • Easy 2-step setup (takes under 1 minute)
    • Landscape (horizontal) or portrait (vertical) orientation
    • Truly customizable menu design-not limited to finite template selection
    • Use your fonts, your colors, your logo.
    • Include full image or rich text special slides to advertise events, specials, Happy Hour, etc.
    • Most reliable digital beer menu software available.

    The most important thing for us is that the client was satisfied and is still in contact with us.

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