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    Android TV App Development Company Perfsol

    Smart TV technology opens the door to limitless entertainment. The modern TV set and Android TV box are the main carriers of the mentioned technology. The best Android smart TV apps allow users to break free from the classic TV and use the maximum potential of this type of device. Perfsol specialists will help you in this by taking over the development of Android smart TV apps.

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    Android TV App Development Company Perfsol

    Android TV development services by Perfsol

    Development of an Android smart tv app is a rather complicated technological process requiring comprehensive expertise. Perfsol will take care of the Android smart TV app development in full accordance with all the software development canons and guidelines. In particular, we provide the following Android smart TV app development services.

    IT consulting

    A business owner usually has an idea of an Android smart TV app and a vision of what functions it contains, what tasks it solves and by whom it will be demanded. However, this is not enough to get started. The objectives of this stage of Android smart TV app development are to segment the target audience, determine popular user interaction models with similar services, explore the competitiveness of the product, and make a clear plan for the further development of the Android smart TV app.

    Android TV app development

    This is where the programming stage of Android smart TV app development begins, aka the creation of the application code. The developer, having received clear terms of reference, begins to write the code for each Android smart TV app element. In particular, developers write the code for the frontend, the part with which the user directly interacts, and the backend, the part of the Android smart TV app, which the user can't see, but which is responsible for communicating with the server and databases.

    Android TV app UI/UX Design

    This Android smart TV app development stage includes the creation of the visual component of your product as well as the logic of interaction between the elements. Experts decide on the color scheme of the Android smart TV app, design of objects such as buttons, windows, widgets, etc. The UX/UI designer determines what the Android smart TV app will look like, where the buttons and widgets will be located, and what functions they will perform.

    Android TV platform integration

    After the development and testing of the Android smart TV app is over it's time to integrate it with the platform. We will make sure it runs smoothly on the target devices after which we will publish it to the app stores. With Perfsol, you can be sure that it will be available for your target audience and will start generating revenue as soon as possible.

    Support & maintenance

    After the release of the Android Smart TV app someone must make sure that everything will work properly and that any glitches won’t spoil the user experience of your users. Perfsol will take care of that as well as provide regular updates if needed.

    About Android Smart TV app development company Perfsol

    Perfsol is a team of professionals with strong expertise in Android Smart TV app development. Founded in 2018, our Android smart TV app development company has gathered true masters of their craft in one place. The distinctive features of cooperation with us have always been high quality, customer-oriented approach, and strict adherence to all agreements.

    Walter Benzing

    CTO, minick GmbH

    Perfsol Testimonial

    Their developer was quickly integrated into the team, worked independently, and was self-reliant. Integration was effective, allowing them to complete the work and satisfy the client.

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    Christian Madsen

    Head Of Technology, MXNEY

    Perfsol Testimonial

    The client's development scalability and speed have increased thanks to Perfsol's quality work. Their commitment to understanding the business needs has been key to reaching the expected goals.

    Perfsol starsPerfsol starsPerfsol starsPerfsol starsPerfsol stars
    Shahar Mintz

    Director of Web Engineering, Riverside.fm

    Perfsol Testimonial

    Delivering multiple web technologies, Perfsol is a consistent and dependable partner. Their communication stands out as excellent compared to outsourced competitors, interacting over Slack and Jira.

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    Hire Android TV Developers at Perfsol

    Android TV developers are valuable specialists who aren’t easy to find. Luckily with Perfsol you can hire the number of professionals you need in no time at all. Just choose how many and who you need, or order a fully staffed team. The cornerstones of Pefrsol developers' work have always been a high level of quality and strict adherence to deadlines.

  • Senior Android Developers

    We have Android developers who write high-quality code. They work with version control systems and relational database management systems. They have hands-on knowledge of the full software development life cycle, including required features, application design, coding, testing, debugging, building, and deploying.

  • Roman V.

    Android Developer

    Experienced Android developer with a strong background in commercial software development. Proficient in app development for mobile, Android TV, and Amazon TV. Proficient with standard Android framework APIs Camera, Notification framework, Database, Media, ExoPlayer with an extensible media player for Android and DRM support.

    kotlinMVVMAndroid TVAmazon TV
  • Our Android Tv App Development Projects

    Android TV App development is a great opportunity for your business to gain a huge audience quickly. Perfsol can help. And if you're not ready yet, just take a look at our projects and you'll never doubt.


    • What are Android TV apps?

      Android smart TV app is software running on the Smart TV operating system, which allows users to access the Internet, multimedia content, and social networks, as well as provides the ability to order services. Android smart TV app world offers a variety of products, games, and tools to manage various smart devices. Android smart TV app transforms your usual TV into a complete multimedia home center and even more.
    • How to create an Android TV app?

      To develop an Android smart TV app, you need to find a team with experience in mobile development and can adapt the usual Android apps to the TV format. Although the development of Android smart TV apps has no significant differences from the development of software for other Android devices, it has its nuances related to the specifics of the TV platform. It is essential that the team has the appropriate level of technical expertise and experience with this platform.
    • How to choose a team to create an Android TV app?

      When choosing a team for Android smart TV app development, pay attention to specialists who already have experience in this niche. A company that has developed applications only for smartphones is not suitable because it may not cope with the adaptation of the application for the Android smart TV platform, which will affect usability and stability.

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