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Cura: Android TV And Cloud Display Image Management App

Case study

Cura: Android TV And Cloud Display Image Management App

Cura app enables you to easily manage and display your images around your home or workspaces. It is able to support multiple displays in rooms matched with multiple image collections.

Cura: Android TV And Cloud Display Image Management App

Cura Home Introduction

This is a quick introduction of CURA's Home version as shown in NSP Studio's home setup in Rochester NY, features a quick description of CURA by Founder Soumen Das

  • About the project

    Cura app is a simple and handy image management software that allows you to sync and manage your photo or art wherever you are. Not only users who want to decorate their homes with their favorite photos, but also professional photographers and even art galleries who want to give audiences a new perspective on their work will find the app useful. Of course, the creation of this application would not have been possible without the specialists of Perfsol, which will be discussed below.

  • Challenge

    Having some work on the application in hand, the client was interested in ways of extending the functionality, the list of devices, and innovative solutions. Specifically, the client wanted:

    • Enable and easily manage the use of all types and sizes of quality digital displays or frames across brands and manufacturers in homes or buildings.
    • Provide easy-to-use applications and cost-effective services that enable as many consumers as possible to manage, display and enjoy their personal captured memories (images or videos) or their preferred art or photography on their digital displays.
    • Provide the capability for new value opportunities and business models to photographers, artists, and other creative professionals that could take advantage and add value to the above capabilities.

    All of the above features were planned for Android TV displays. Having heard about Perfsol's rich experience in the niche of video streaming app development and image management, the client approached us for expertise. Needless to say, they got much more than they expected.

  • Business Case

    Work on the project began in accordance with all the standards of our well-honed business processes. After analyzing the client's idea and reviewing the documentation, we laid out a plan for further action. We started our Android TV development with one Android developer. This was quite enough at the first stages of the project.

    The project started by implementing image management functionality for Android TV displays, but after a while, the customer realized that it was necessary to cover as many devices as possible, including Apple devices. So the project evolved into tvOS development as well as backend and could support AWS. Perfsol properly responded to the customer's requirements and extended the team with an iOS developer, one frontend(React) developer, a backend (Java) developer, and a DevOps engineer.

  • Enjoy your memories

    The Cura enables you to easily manage and display your images around your home or workspaces.

    Enjoy your memories
  • About this screen info

    Enjoy gallery-worthy pieces, your private social media or professional photos on your walls.

    About this screen info
  • Memories on display

    Our developers created a function to support multiple displays in rooms matched with numerous image collections.

    Memories on display
  • Easy to use mobile version

    The Cura app also enables you to use the Android TV remote from your smartphone to give feedback, hide or adjust your images as they are displayed.

    Easy to use mobile version
  • Delivering memories to your walls

    Create collections for your rooms or displays using images from your synced or uploaded media that will then display on your screens for durations set for that display.

    Delivering memories to your walls
  • Solution

    The development was successfully completed and the application went to release. The customer has received exactly the features he expected along with a high level of customer focus and technical skills.

    In our digital age, it's not uncommon when people are losing precious reminders of significant events and memories in their family history. Cura developed by Perfsol makes it easy to keep these snapshots in a singular place and then easily cast your memories to devices, both in users' homes or to loved ones.

    We can add that the Cura project was quite interesting due to the different tech challenges we faced along the way such as handling limitations of Android devices displaying images in Ambient mode, effective image management for large images, and image processing on AWS. Such tasks take techs out of their daily routine and allow them to reach their full potential, which is very much appreciated at Perfsol. Cura tech has been a great partner with whom we continue our fruitful cooperation for a year now.

Soumen Das

CEO & Founder, Curator Technologies

Can you share any measurable outcomes of the project or general feedback about the deliverables?

We did have our initial Beta test app running and launched within 2 months in step with our own app and server-side development. This did require a production-level Android app to be deployed via the Play store. We continue to expand and develop with them with regular releases into our test environments with fewer into production.

Describe Perfsol's project management style, including communication tools and timeliness.

Used our Jira system for project management, Teams, and Slack -and some email for communications. We seem both to be good at communicating tasks, setting expectations, and then delivering on them.

What did you find most impressive or unique about Perfsol?

Mainly their can -do attitude, proceeding at times without us having to give them detailed specifications, we both willing to proceed and agree not to sweat the small stuff, and cleaned that up when schedules allowed. In general, their estimates of effort have been pretty accurate. We now have a number of other projects, in different tech areas, such as web dev and backend development, that have supplemented our team well.

They did well in getting the developers with the correct skillset to tackle areas that we needed. They were also honest on what their capabilities and skilled areas are.

Are there any areas for improvement or something they could have done differently?

We are pretty satisfied with the services of their development and management team.

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