Optimizing performance of SaaS platform

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Optimizing performance of SaaS platform

The business that places great importance on the customer's needs must have a system to guarantee impeccable service.

Optimizing performance of SaaS platform
  • About the project

    We created a SaaS restaurant and hotel management platform that helps the world's largest hotel brands create memorable guest experiences in their establishments. The Perfsol team was actively involved in optimizing the platform for future scalability.

  • Challenge

    Organizing an event with many guests can be a global challenge, even for the most experienced restaurant and hotel owners. You have to consider all the nuances, from seating options to menus considering guests' dietary needs. Our client set a goal to facilitate business processes in restaurants and hotels with the help of innovative technological solutions. Thus, we began working on a SaaS platform that includes booking, check-in, room management, and guest list management functions.

    During project development, our client was faced with the need to optimize the performance and expand the capabilities of their product. To solve these tasks, they required technical consultants and a development team. First, they turned to freelance websites and specialized portals. On one of the latter, the client saw a detailed review of our work in their area of interest, which was why they chose our team.

    After studying our experience in the restaurant business and getting detailed advice from a Perfsol manager, the client fully trusted our team, and we started working on redesigning the SaaS platform.

  • Business Case

    Our first priority was to conduct a detailed evaluation of the SaaS platform. Therefore, our technical consultants were the first to take on the task. Their analysis showed that the system had a monolithic code base, making it challenging to implement new features and limited flexibility. It also had outdated code that is difficult to maintain over time.

    We suggested that the client switches from a monolithic code base to a microservice architecture to solve the problems. So most of the work had to be done on the server side. To do this, we involved our leading experts in the work. We also held a series of online meetings where we outlined further tasks:

    • rebuild the platform to a microservice architecture;
    • update the software interface for linking with other apps;
    • develop and implement additional platform features;
    • test and troubleshoot errors that occur.

    The key challenge was that breaking the monolithic base into microservices required a complete rethinking of the API and making it larger. Our developers solved this problem by studying the logic of the server-side components. We developed the optimal API to connect external interfaces:

    • apps for Android and iOS;
    • POS terminals;
    • client’s website.

    We made every effort to ensure that the SaaS platform fully met the client's wishes and the users' needs. Our manager was constantly in touch and provided reports on each stage of the work. We also tested the developed features to ensure maximum performance and fault tolerance of the system on the server side.

  • Optimizing Operations

    The all-in-one functional but multi dashboards platform enables your staff to enjoy a seamless user experience while focusing on servicing their guests, up-selling with menu items, and personalizing the dining experience.

    Optimizing Operations
  • Waitlist and walk-in

    Dynamic waitlist management tool allows you to prioritize reservations and walk-ins based upon capacity and profiles of guests in order to maximize revenue. Moreover, communicating with guests in real-time optimizes inventory and manages guest wait-time expectations!

    Waitlist and walk-in
  • Solution

    We completed the project on time due to good communication between our manager and the client. During the work, our team solved the client's problem with system optimization. We migrated from a monolithic app to a microservice architecture, which allowed us to:

    • improve and speed up platform performance;
    • improve scalability;
    • increase system flexibility.

    In addition, the team successfully implemented internal and external API services to connect with the website interface, PoS terminals, Android and iOS apps. We also created a feature for custom reporting.

    This cooperation was conducted in an atmosphere of complete mutual understanding. The customer highly appreciated our work, and we are very thankful for it. They noted that our team approached the work professionally and suggested a really effective way to solve their problem.

Abed Nehme

Technical Product Manager of the SaaS platform

How did you come to work with Perfsol?

I knew Mykola (Co-founder & CTO, Perfsol) from earlier projects. As a freelancer, he worked on some of my past projects. I suggested that we hire his team at Perfsol because those previous projects were successful, and he had been a pleasure to work with.

What evidence can you share that demonstrates the impact of the engagement?

PerfSol has become an integral part of our backend development team. They’ve added great value with their expertise, and have largely contributed to project progress.

How did Perfsol perform from a project management standpoint?

We communicate via phone and participate in daily meetings through Slack. In addition to that, we sometimes have Zoom meetings.

What did you find most impressive about them?

Whenever we had a complaint about an inaccurate estimation, they diligently reformed their approach and worked to enhance their services. They’re proactive in asking us how they can improve their performance and extending their support.

Are there any areas they could improve?

They couple improve their communication skills. The developers aren’t native English speakers, so while we haven’t had any major issues, we’ve experienced some difficulties in communicating business requirements.

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