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3 Easy Ways To Develop an Android TV App

3 Easy Ways To Develop an Android TV App

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Android TV apps help you connect with a wide-reaching audience that’s growing hungrier for new apps and content with every passing day. So, if you’re into the video content creation arena, learning how to build an Android TV app (and actually building one) is a smart decision.

As you know, the Android platform is open-source, which means developing an Android TV app is simple. But simple doesn’t always mean easy. So, let us help you learn about the ways to develop an Android TV painlessly.

How to build an Android TV app: 3 approaches

The number of active Android TV users increased by 80% over the last year. This is your chance to hit the hay! Just choose one of the following Android TV app development approaches depending on your budget and experience.

1. Repurpose your existing Android app

If you already have an Android video streaming app that’s made for mobile devices, you can turn it into an Android TV app without having to do much work.

According to Android’s official developer guidelines, you can use your existing app as the basis for your TV app. So, find a freelancer or have your current developer adapt your existing Android video streaming app, and you are already 80% of the way to building your dream Android TV app.

Nevertheless, if you don’t already have an Android application, you might want to check out the next two methods.

2. Cooperate with a freelance engineer or hire one in-house

Not every business has the luxury of having a go-to Android developer. So, if you’re serious about building an Android TV app, find a developer or a freelancer with enough experience to build your app from scratch.

This will give you total control over the process and the end result. From the icons to the ways videos are displayed, you can have the developer customize almost every aspect of your Android TV app and user experience.

However, it will also give you the headache of staffing. With a freelancer, you’ll have to do lots of digging to find a truly trustworthy and responsible professional, carefully analyzing their skills to make sure they can create the Android TV App you have in mind. With an in-house employee, you’ll have to handle the legal side of hiring, provide the person with a place to work and/or equipment. Days off and vacations are also going to be your responsibility.

3. Outsource Your Android TV App Development

When you run a business, it might be tempting to do everything yourself. But you probably know by now how time-consuming and unfeasible it is. So why not consider outsourcing? It’s the easiest way to get your Android TV app developed when you don’t have skilled developers on your payroll.

Vendors offer outsourcing services and will be happy to create an app based on your requirements. They have the professionals and experience with the tools required for developing apps. And not only do they handle hiring and managing tech professionals, but they also have experience developing solutions similar to yours.

Take Perfsol, for example. We offer custom-fit and reliable outsourcing services to clients of all shapes and sizes—from startups to multinational companies. One of these companies was DNS:NET, a Germany-wide telecommunication network that offers digital TV services in HD quality.

DNS:NET needed to update its streaming client, and the client selected Perfsol to do the job. We extended the client’s in-house team with our team of dedicated professionals, helping them build a TV app both for Android mobile and Android TV.
Another advantage of contracting an outsourcing vendor is that they don’t just quit as soon as development is over. At Perfsol, we offer support, maintenance, and regular updates to ensure you get to make the most out of your app.

The bottom line

There are only three ways to deliver an Android TV app. You can extend your existing Android application; you can dive into the hiring process to hand-pick an Android developer who will join your team or a freelancer with fair reviews; or you can ask an outsourcing vendor to do all the hard work for you while you manage the process just as much as you want to.
If you decide to go with the third variant, why not give Perfsol a try? Contact us now, and we will reach back at the earliest.