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DNS:NET TV: Custom Video-Streaming App

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DNS:NET TV: Custom Video-Streaming App

Stream TV shows, movies, and live TV with favorite channels. There's something for the whole family, from food to news, sports to kids, international content, and more!

DNS:NET TV: Custom Video-Streaming App
  • About the project

    The DNS NET Android Box App for your big screens, your access to TV highlights, films, series and other live TV content. All German public broadcasters, such as ARD, ZDF and the third parties, as well as German private broadcasters, including Pro7 HD, RTL HD, Sat.1 HD, Vox, Kabel 1 HD, DMAX are part of the package. Most of them are in the best HD quality. Browse through the program guide with up to 14 days program overview.

  • Challenge

    One day we were approached by a client who was developing live, linear TV and Video-On-Demand streaming services. The client's business was popular because over the years his products had managed to earn a reputation as proven, cost-efficient, and scalable software.

    At some point, however, the client's firm ran into a lack of expertise and manpower. Finding talent with experience in the client's industry proved to be a challenge, and entrusting a responsible project to amateurs is always a terrible option. The question arose of finding a reliable technology partner who could augment the company's in-house staff to create the next custom video streaming application.

    Since the client already had a wealth of experience in their niche, their company was willing to provide all the tech, tools, and insight needed for development. This provided additional synergy between the client and implementers. Set up for success, Perfsol went to work.

  • Business case

    Perfsol's mobile development team got to work. We quickly entered the client's team and integrated our specialists into the company's business processes. In the course of the work, we used the following technologies:

    • Android TV
    • Amazon Fire TV
    • Kotlin
    • ExoPlayer

    During our work the client constantly gave feedback and offered ideas on how to improve the product and processes.

  • Live TV

    The app for your Android smartphone or tablet gives you an access to TV highlights, films, series and other live TV content.

     Live TV
  • Program guide

    Browse through the program guide with up to 14 days of program overviews.

    Program guide
  • Solution

    It was a great decision to turn to Perfsol and when the client saw the result of our work he was absolutely happy with his choice. Our high-quality standards contributed to that, as well as vast experience in projects of that kind. We have been a great addition to the client's team.

    Our work resulted in TV apps for both Android mobile and Android TV platforms. Thanks to our expertise we added new useful features such as timeshift/instant replay, as well as synchronization of progress between devices, which we got from Netflix. In addition, the following features were added with our efforts:

    • Ability to watch live TV and VOD;
    • Customization of favorite channels;
    • The capability to save TV shows when users don’t have time to watch;
    • Ability to watch the show recordings;
    • Lots of formats with selectable options;
    • Electronic Program Guide (EPG) grid view.

Marc - André Thißen

Senior Product Manager at net mobile minick GmbH

In cooperation with the client side our specialists managed to create a fully custom application for Android mobile and Android TV. Taking Netflix's functionality as a base we equipped it with many useful features and the result was the immediate gratification of satisfied users.

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