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Building Software for the HoReCa Industry

Building Software for the HoReCa Industry

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Let’s be frank — 2020 hasn’t been the best year for the world’s economy, and the HoReCa segment has taken some of the hardest blows. Regrettably, not all businesses will survive the tide, but many are using this recession to regroup and optimize their operations. One of the smarter ways to do so is by adopting a modern software product in your workflow — and we’d like to talk about that in more detail.

Why you should be going digital

The days of the maître d' taking your reservation over the phone and jotting it down on a piece of paper are long gone. Hotels, restaurants, caterers — everyone is moving to digital, making life easier for themselves and their customers. Here are some of the benefits of having a software solution for your hospitality business:

  • Automation. Less day-to-day manual work for your staff leads to an increase in efficiency and reliability.
  • A better user experience. Faster placing orders or reservations, fewer human errors, 24/7 availability, loyalty programs, personal customization.
  • Streamlined stock control and logistics. Whether it’s clean towels or fresh vegetables, your new software will take care of it with ease.
  • All of your reports in one place. Quick access to financial documents and business metrics gives you better control and simplifies decision making.
  • A synchronized approach. All aspects of your business work in unison, so there is no room for miscommunication or delays.

We could go on, but by now, you can probably guess what we’re trying to say: a software solution would give your HoReCa business a solid backbone, as well as save tons of time and money. The next question is: what kind of a system or app should you be after? Keep reading for a quick overview of your options.

Software products for HoReCa

It all depends on the type of business you are running, what aspects you want to improve, and what new heights you plan to reach. But here’s something to think about: you can work from the inside by commissioning a solution to manage your internal processes or focus on your customers and build an application for them.

We highly recommend that you tackle this from both sides. That way, you’ll know your operations are in order and run at full efficiency, while your customers have a neat-looking app to practice their brand loyalty on. With this in mind, let’s look at some of the choices.

Accommodation services management software

In addition to being fast, secure, and reliable, and all-round product for a business specializing in lodging should have:

  • Automated reservation and payment
  • Control of scheduled check-out and cleaning
  • Tracking of utilities used by guests
  • Food and toiletries supply management
  • Integrated user database (for marketing, etc.)
  • Built-in tools for statistical analysis
  • Financial and document flow instruments

Of course, a small bed & breakfast facility or a hostel might not need as many functions, but a large hotel chain will likely require all the bells and whistles. That’s one more reason to have your application custom-built.

A restaurant management app

Running a restaurant or a cafe has never been an easy job, and there is always room for optimization. Fortunately, we at Perfsol have some hands-on experience building a management platform for this kind of business. By modernizing and augmenting the previous version of the software, we’ve created a system for our Dubai-based client that was capable of:

  • Making seating arrangements
  • Keeping track of customers’ dietary restrictions
  • Generating customizable reports
  • Integrating with PoS terminals

Hungry customers don’t particularly enjoy waiting, so lightning-fast performance is a must in this case.

A client-side app for your brand

Has the pandemic made you switch to the delivery-only model at your restaurant? You can partner up with the existing delivery services like Uber Eats, or you can have your own app to increase visibility and brand loyalty. Customers who love your food and the way you go about your business will be happy to download an app and enjoy your services on their smartphones. But only if your app:

According to this research, businesses with a great omnichannel presence enjoy up to 91% better client retention rates than those unable to deliver a synchronized experience. So making an app consistent with your brand’s values and standards, one that makes the transition between offline and online seamless, may seem like a daunting task. If only you could find a reliable software vendor with the fitting expertise and resources…

Perfsol is ready to assist your business in its digital transformation. With our diverse portfolio and a relentless focus on the client’s needs, we’ll be your perfect partner in creating a management solution for your hotel, restaurant, bar — as well as building a web-based or mobile app.

Let’s get in touch and have a chat! And remember: soon, humanity will beat the virus with its science and resilience, and we’ll once again be able to enjoy safe travel and a good meal in each other’s company.