What Are Smart TV Apps and How Are They Developed?


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What Are Smart TV Apps and How Are They Developed?

April 24, 2023

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Mykola Breslavskyi


Mykola Breslavskyi


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Smart TV technology is on everyone's lips right now. In 2022, this global market was valued at $197.82 billion. The CAGR is expected to be 11.4% from 2023 to 2030. This impressive growth demonstrates that it is profitable for businesses to work in this direction. Smart TV app development will open up opportunities for you to attract audiences from all over the world and, consequently, increase profits.

Specific Characteristics of Smart TV App

This refers to software designed for modern TVs with Smart TV functionality. You can download and install these apps directly on your TV. They provide a wide range of digital entertainment.

Key features of Smart TV apps:

  • Streaming. Users can watch live video content on popular services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video.
  • Games. Many apps offer interactive game features that users can enjoy on the big screen.
  • Integration with social networks. Some apps give you access to social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram right from your TV.
  • Voice control. The user can control the TV using voice commands. This makes it easier to use.
  • Multi-screen support. You can watch content on your TV while using your mobile device as a remote control or to access additional information.

Smart TV app development is possible for different operating systems such as Android TV, Tizen, WebOS, Roku, etc. The user can quickly and easily install apps on the TV from the relevant store.

The project process can be divided into four broad phases. Let's briefly review the essence of each of them.

TV Apps


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How Is a Smart TV Application Developed?

TV Application Developed

Business analysis and planning

At the initial stage, the team researches the project, analyzes the client's requirements, and agrees on important details.

Specialists determine:

  • which OS the app is created for (Android TV, Apple TV (tvOS), etc.);
  • which programming language is optimal to use (JavaScript, TypeScript, Ruby, Kotlin, Java, Swift, etc.)
  • what technologies will be used for:
    Backend: Django, ASP.NET MVC Framework, CakePHP, Slim Framework, Lumen, Node.js, Laravel;
    Frontend: NuxtJS, ReactJS, VueJS;
    Database: MongoDB, InterBase, Firebird, PostgreSQL, Oracle, MySQL;
  • which functions to implement in the app (basic and additional).

A work plan is drawn up based on the data obtained, which is the basis for further development.


The team moves to the design phase when it understands which direction to take. The task of the designers of such an app is to create an interface optimized for the TV screen and to provide a straightforward user experience. In particular, the specialists must think of easy ways to navigate using the TV remote control.

Development and testing

The backend and frontend developers get to work. They use the tools and technologies selected and agreed upon at the first stage. They also refer to the documentation and resources specific to the platform for which the product is created. They test the finished application on different TV models, checking for functionality, usability, etc.

Release and support

The tested product is placed in the corresponding app store. This is not the end of the project. Once the app is approved and published, the IT team supports it.

After the release, the specialists not only fix any technical errors but also add new features as needed.

Main Features of Smart TV Application

If you want to guarantee a quality user experience, incorporate features like these into the product:

  • Easy authorization in the app, scan QR-code.
  • Convenient content search in the app and advanced filtering.
  • Library, where content is divided into thematic categories and other criteria.
  • Rewind and resume video playback from where the user left off.
  • Smart recommendations based on the user's previously viewed content.
  • Saving favorite content to the Favorites folder for future reference.
  • Adding feedback on content, an intelligent rating system.

Features of Smart TV Application

This will allow you to create the most convenient product and attract as many interested users as possible.

In your desire to get a reliable and functional product, don't forget that some difficulties may arise in the development process. Let's consider several such possible barriers.

Challenges of Smart TV App Development

While working on the project, there are likely to be the following obstacles:

  • Fragmentation. There are many platforms and operating systems for Smart TVs, each with its requirements and limitations. Developing a product that works on all platforms can be a challenge.
  • User interaction. The app must be optimized for a large screen and remote control.
  • Limited processing power. The app must be optimized to run smoothly on devices and provide high-quality user interaction.
  • Limited storage space. The app should take up as little space as possible, which is problematic if it requires a lot of data or resources.
  • Different input methods. Smart TVs are often controlled by remote control, which has limitations in terms of input methods.
  • Limited SDK and APIs. This makes it challenging to develop a product that integrates with other platforms or services.
  • Security. Smart TVs can be vulnerable to security threats. So, you need to implement additional measures in the product to protect data.

Also, keep in mind that there may be difficulties with testing. The reason is many platforms, screen sizes, and remote control features.

Based on all the nuances of development, it is essential to have a professional IT team. Cooperate only with the TV development company that has already successfully implemented such projects and has good feedback from clients. Each Smart TV app developer must have relevant experience.


Apps extend the functionality of the Smart TV, allowing users to watch videos, read the news, play games, and even connect to social networks.

If you have an interesting idea, hurry to implement it to reach the market and attract the audience's attention faster than your competitors. Using professional TV app development services will allow you to get a quality product in a short time.

Mykola Breslavskyi


Mykola Breslavskyi


I am passionate about technologies. Adore solving challenges of our customers: going under the tech problem and trying to deal with a reason rather than a symptom. I do believe that is why our clients choose Perfsol.


  • What is a Smart TV app?

    Smart TV app is software for TVs with Smart TV functionality installed directly on your device. You can watch videos, listen to music, play games, and access social networks.
  • What are the most popular apps for Smart TV?

    According to [U.S. TV brand TCL](https://www.tcl.com/us/en/top-tv-apps), the most common smart TV apps are Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, Pandora, and Hulu.
  • How much does it cost to develop a Smart TV app?

    It all depends on the chosen operating system, the complexity of the UX/UI design, the number and type of built-in features, the size and qualifications of the team, and the scale of the project as a whole. On average, the price ranges from $20,000 to $50,000.

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