Web Application Development in 2023 – Detailed Guide by Perfsol


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Web Application Development in 2023 – Detailed Guide by Perfsol

February 20, 2023

Volodymyr Khodonovych


Volodymyr Khodonovych


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According to analysts' forecasts, the average annual growth rate of the global web development market is more than 8%. Thus, its size is expected to increase to $89 billion in 2027. In today's digitized society, a quality web app has become a real hallmark of every company. People actively use such software products for brand promotion, e-commerce, and sales of services – any sphere where quality interaction with the target audience is essential.

In this material, we will talk about the features of the web application development process, the importance of such software for the company, and discuss the main trends in web development, typical for 2023.

What is web solution development?

Web solution development is creating an app that users can use through a web browser. First, the developers analyze the market, create a prototype, and choose the optimal tech stack to implement the idea. After that, the expert proceeds directly to the programming. After creating a digital solution, it must be tested and deployed. Some providers also offer post-release maintenance of their products.

This comprehensive approach allows the web applications development company to create premium quality web solutions and meet the growing needs of today's users.

Web apps: types, differences, purpose

Web Applications Development

Before ordering software development, you need to determine what functions it should perform to benefit the business. The developer will then choose the type of web program and the development environment.

We can distinguish the following web apps, depending on the required functionality, as well as the tools and technologies used:

Static Web Application

The app eliminates any user interaction with the server. It delivers content to the browser without client editing. Examples of such apps are online business cards, brochures, and other resources designed to be read-only.

Dynamic Web Application

This type of digital solution involves users interacting with content that is delivered to a browser. Examples include social networking apps like Twitter.

eCommerce Web Application

This solution supports the online buying and selling of goods and the ability to integrate payment systems. Popular eCommerce apps include Walmart, eBay, Amazon, etc.

CMS Web App

Content management system (CMS) is a software that allows users to edit the content of a web resource without special technical knowledge or skills. WordPress and Joomla are considered the leaders in this category.

Portal Web Application

Portals are programs that collect data from different sources, combine them into a single UI, and give users personalized access to various functions. As a rule, web portals are created for a specific sphere. For example, there are government, student, medical portals, etc.

Single-Page Application

These are interactive web apps that consist of a single HTML page. When the user logs in, the browser loads all program code, displaying the client's requested part. Examples of such software are Gmail, Paypal, Google maps, etc.

Multi-Page Web Application

This is a web program consisting of many pages. They are updated each time the data they contain changes. Such software provides maximum server involvement. Examples of Multi-Page Web App are blogs, forums, online stores, etc.

Rich-Internet Web App

These software products are similar in functionality to desktop apps. Their difference is that you access RIAs via the Internet. Among the popular software of this type are Google Maps and Google Docs.

Progressive Web Application

PWA is a web program one can call a hybrid of a website and a mobile app. Its distinctive feature is excellent performance on any modern device. This type of digital solution includes OLX, Uber, Spotify, etc.

Choose the digital solution that best suits the needs of your business. Thus, you can achieve your goals as quickly as possible without spending too much money and time on development.

Why does a business need a web app?

Software solutions available to users through a web browser have become indispensable. People don't want to download and install mobile apps. Using the same features through a browser is easier and faster.

custom web applications development
Using the services of a custom web application development company has other advantages:

  1. Regular updates. Unlike desktop apps, web-based solutions provide regular updates that do not require manual launch. This saves time and allows you to always have access to the latest software version.

  2. High level of security. All your data is stored in the cloud when you use a web application. Using advanced technologies such as two-factor authentication minimizes the risk of information theft. You also don't have to worry about losing data as you would if you were storing it on a local server.

  3. Flexibility and scalability. Web solutions are easy to customize to the needs of a particular company and scale as the business grows.

  4. Ease of use and maintenance. Users do not need to install the software on their devices; most gadgets support it. As for maintenance, it is done entirely remotely.

All of these benefits of custom web applications development allow companies to increase conversion rates, increase the number of visitors, and the length of time they stay on the page. Custom web product development is a good investment in the future of your business.


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IoT, AMP, and chatbots: Web development trends 2023

To keep up with the rapidly growing demands of progressive users, developers are incorporating innovative technology into their products:

  • Chatbots. Virtual assistants are built using AI, ML, and NLP (natural language processing) technologies. They can improve the quality of customer service and reduce support staff labor costs.

Analysts predict the chatbot market will be worth $454.8 million by 2027, more than ten times the 2018 figure.

web applications development company

  • Internet of Things (IoT). The IoT industry cannot exist without end-user software. With web-based software, the interaction between humans and IoT devices becomes more interactive and convenient.

The relevance of the trend is emphasized by the latest research, which suggests that the number of IoT devices by 2025 will reach 90 billion.

web applications development company

  • Accelerated mobile pages. AMPs are fast-loading web pages that improve the performance of a web program running on a mobile device.

The introduction of this technology is very important because mobile traffic is constantly growing. According to statistics, almost 60% of users accessed web resources from mobile devices.

web application development process

  • Voice search technology. Searching by voice significantly extends the capabilities of eCommerce apps, voice assistants, and other software where user interaction with the system plays a key role.

Adding this functionality to a web app can attract an audience to your brand. Statistics show that 71% of users prefer using voice commands instead of typing.

Web app

Incorporate these technologies, and your company will manage to attract your target audience and convert them into loyal customers.

Web Applications Development is a complex process that requires the deep expertise of an IT team. Perfsol specializes in creating modern web solutions. We use only the best tech stack and follow the latest trends in the IT world.

Do you want to join companies that have made web applications their undeniable advantage in the market? Get in touch with our manager and get comprehensive information about the list and cost of our services.

Volodymyr Khodonovych


Volodymyr Khodonovych


I follow a proactive approach in life to solve simple to complex problems systematically. I fully understand the nexus of people, process, technology, and culture to get the best out of everyone at Perfsol to grow the businesses and deliver a societal impact at the national and global levels.


  • What is web application development?

    Web application development is the creation of programs that are accessible to users through a web browser. The peculiarity of such software is that you don't need to install it on your device to use it.
  • What are the latest trends in web development?

    Today's developers use the latest technologies to create digital products, including AI, ML, AMP, voice search technology, and IoT. Serverless architecture and cloud computing are also relevant.
  • What to look for when choosing a web development service provider?

    Web applications development company should have relevant experience and deep expertise in developing digital solutions for your business area. Also, pay attention to the technology and tools the company uses.

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