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OTT App Development Company

Discover new horizons of video streaming with our advanced over-the-top (OTT) platform development services. Design engaging and interactive experiences that stand out in the bustling world of digital entertainment. Get started now!

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OTT App Development Company

OTT App Development Services By Perfsol

No matter how complex your idea is, we’re ready to check its viability and start making it a reality! Perfsol, as an OTT service company, offers comprehensive OTT app development services, breaking down the barriers for your business.

OTT Application Consulting

This service is a must in the OTT app development process since it allows nullifying mistakes and makes the OTT app development more time-effective. We’ll check the liability of your idea, find the right features to implement it and create a roadmap to move further in the development process.

OTT App UI/UX design

The high-quality design of your OTT app will make users fall in love with the software. Make it user-friendly, seamless, and intuitive, and people won’t be able to get off the screen! Get the best UI|UX design development with Perfsol.

OTT Mobile App Development

If you’re looking for an opportunity to create a mobile video streaming app with clear code and interactive design, you should work with Perfsol. Our development team has experience in creating mobile applications, so you should get your idea implemented in no time.

OTT Web App Development

The most popular video streaming platforms most often begin as web. So, this would be a good option to start, scaling later to mobile or other types of OTT application.

OTT Platform Integration

OTT integration can be smooth and seamless if you’re working with an experienced enough team. Here at Perfsol we can make sure that you’re moving step by step, while discovering new ways for you to succeed with OTT platform.

Support and Maintenance

Even after the development is completed, you should not be left alone with the software. Our team has a set of extensive services that will help you manage, modernize, and scale your OTT app even after it hits the market.

About OTT Service Company Perfsol

We’re a young team of 30+ professionals passionately devoted to smart TV development. Four years since Perfsol first hit the market, and we already have 50+ completed projects. Clutch rates our team 4,9/5, and until we see any place for improvement, we grab it.
OTT apps are one of our development services, and we do our best to make it serve your company’s business needs.

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Walter Benzing

CTO, minick GmbH

Perfsol Testimonial

Their developer was quickly integrated into the team, worked independently, and was self-reliant. Integration was effective, allowing them to complete the work and satisfy the client.

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Christian Madsen

Head Of Technology, MXNEY

Perfsol Testimonial

The client's development scalability and speed have increased thanks to Perfsol's quality work. Their commitment to understanding the business needs has been key to reaching the expected goals.

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Shahar Mintz

Director of Web Engineering,

Perfsol Testimonial

Delivering multiple web technologies, Perfsol is a consistent and dependable partner. Their communication stands out as excellent compared to outsourced competitors, interacting over Slack and Jira.

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Value in Every Aspect of Our Services

At Perfsol, we bring a unique blend of expertise to OTT platform development. With 12+ years of experience, our company ensures your project is in the best hands. We conduct thorough market research, validate ideas, and grow your app for market leadership. Kick back and let us handle every step.


Market Research for Your Leadership

We conduct thorough market research to make your app not just competitive but a market leader in the OTT industry. We won’t let you fail and will help you to validate your idea from the very beginning.


Expertise You Can Trust

With our team of experts, you can trust that your over-the-top projects are in capable hands. Our expertise speaks volumes in every line of code we write, in every decision we make, in every milestone we complete.


Mid- to Architect-Level Team

Our team comprises expert developers, all operating at the middle-senior and architect level, ensuring your project benefits from the highest level of expertise. Only the highest industry standards and best practices.


12+ Years of Development Experience

With over a decade of experience, we've honed our skills to create top-tier OTT solutions that set us apart in the market. As an OTT service company, we exclusively utilize the latest and validated technologies to provide you with the competitive edge you seek.


Expert Product Design Oversight

Our experienced product designers oversee the design process, guaranteeing that your OTT application interface and user experience are outstanding and tailored to users’ needs.


Comprehensive Products

From concept to deployment, our end-to-end services ensure integral solutions, making the development process enjoyable but not stressful for you. Every design and development step is on us. Focus on the global strategy.

Hire OTT App Developers at Perfsol

Do you need a full development team for a turnkey project? Or do you need individual OTT app developers to strengthen your own team or get additional expertise? With Perfsol you can hire as many developers as you need for any project. Strict adherence to deadlines and the highest level of quality of work done are the hallmarks of Pefrsol developers.

  • Senior Android Developers

    We have Android developers who write high-quality code. They work with version control systems and relational database management systems. They have hands-on knowledge of the full software development life cycle, including required features, application design, coding, testing, debugging, building, and deploying.




  • Roman V.

    Android Developer

    Experienced Android developer with a strong background in commercial software development. Proficient in app development for mobile, Android TV, and Amazon TV. Proficient with standard Android framework APIs Camera, Notification framework, Database, Media, ExoPlayer with an extensible media player for Android and DRM support.




    Android TV

    Amazon TV

  • What OTT Apps We Develop

    We create different OTT apps depending on the needs or desires of our customers. The comprehensive service of IT consulting allows us to find the best option for each individual case, but we’re always excited when a customer knows what they require.

    OTT Video Portals
    OTT Video Portals

    OTT video portals hold a library of TV shows, movies, and other video content which is accessible for users without subscription to the traditional cable. This way, it’s a much more useful solution for those of your end-clients who’re always on the go

    Services Based OTT Apps
    Services Based OTT Apps

    Create something similar to YouTube or Netflix with the help of our talented developers. OTT app development is a vastly growing trend, and you can ride that wave up with Perfsol. We’re ready to provide you with services based on OTT apps development and make it attractive to your customers

    OTT Smart TV Apps
    OTT Smart TV Apps

    OTT apps for smart TV would allow you to fully replace outdated cable providers. Your customers would be excited about a new movie on their big screen while we make sure that the service runs smoothly

    OTT Video Content Management System
    OTT Video Content Management System

    Content management system development would untie your hands and allow you to automate the management process. This way, you’d get more space for non-trivial tasks while all the content in your app remains appropriate.

    OTT Live Streaming Portals
    OTT Live Streaming Portals

    Allow your customers to create unique and engaging content live! Watch how your platform evolves and gets new users right before your eyes in an era of flash content and live-streaming shows.

    Messaging OTT Platforms
    Messaging OTT Platforms

    OTT messaging platform development would keep your users always in-touch with each other. Using the Internet to send instant messages, you’d help people never to lose contact with each other.

    OTT App Development Solutions

    Our OTT platform development encompasses a comprehensive range of solutions that will transform your business with a cutting-edge OTT application. We leverage the power of our team’s tech excellence combined with creative thinking to provide you with a breakthrough solution. Even if you never intend to compete with Netflix or Hulu, our services are here to help you manage, distribute, and monetize your OTT content to customers worldwide – keeping them interacting from the first click.

    Interactive Video Solution

    We aim to boost brand loyalty and increase revenue through engaging video streaming app solutions. We achieve this by integrating features like built-in questions, surveys, and call-to-action buttons to keep your users actively engaged with your OTT app.

    Video Management Solution

    Our Video Content Management system is designed to streamline the process of data retrieval across various formats including text, image, audio, and video content. By reducing manual work, we ensure that your business operations are smooth and efficient.

    Video Surveillance Solution

    We provide comprehensive solutions for OTT streaming platforms, including both analog and IP systems. Our services encompass monitoring and verification capabilities, cloud-based storage, sophisticated video analytics, access control, and detailed reporting.

    Content Delivery Solution

    By partnering with leading CDNs, we help reduce network congestion, latency, and other bottlenecks, significantly enhancing the viewer experience globally. Our CDN solutions are tailored to ensure fast, reliable, and high-quality content delivery to your audience, regardless of their location.

    OTT Platform Development Process

    Building a OTT application at Perfsol is always guided by an experienced team consisting of a Solution Architect, Product Designer and Business Analyst. We don't just create; we shape your vision into a real-life product. The essence of our full-spectrum approach lies in its details. Every facet of your OTT platform must be addressed, leaving no room for gaps. By offering these 360° services, we make sure your company reaches its objectives.

    • 01
      Kick off
      • Defining project scope
      • Estimate needed resources
      • Determine success criteria
    • 02
      • Challenging assumptions
      • Start storyboarding
      • Synthesize initial ideas
    • 03
      • Build wireframes
      • Create prototypes
      • Deliver final designs for approval
    • 04
      • Start building product
      • Test features
      • Iterate on test results
    • 05
      • Design and conduct tests
      • Fix bugs
      • Ensure security, performance, and usability
    • 06
      • Provide long-term maintenance
      • Handle incidents
      • Provide updates

    Our Ott App Development Projects

    The best proof of our professionalism in OTT app development is our finished projects. Take a look at them to become fully convinced that cooperation with us is the right choice.


    • What are OTT platform apps?

      OTT stands for over-the-top apps and the main idea behind it is to deliver video content to your smartphone, smart TV, laptop, etc. via the Internet instead of satellite or cable.

    • How to create an OTT app?

      First find a reliable technical partner who can set up software for you. Discover the best monetization strategy for your app, as well. Then, after the development is completed, you get everything to attract new customers.

    • How to choose a team to create an OTT app?

      To find a right team remember that you need developers, back and front, UI|UX designers, QA engineers, and project managers on board. Find experienced people with proven portfolios and get to know them first to make sure you align well during the development or consulting process.

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